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n group Presentation

Mini game

Introduction group  Name member  Name group  Why do you want to choose it?  Slogan BACK .

most wins. members must. Group must participate together.=> four team ( who have given opinions comments)  A team must not appoint a representative.Begin posing problems debate  In love girls should confess before or not ? The teams will have limited time to talk to each other and they started arguing. . BACK . groups say many good ideas and most loudly.Quality: 40 People will separate 2 team or 4 team depending on the situation quality people good english they observed. Word guessing Game debate: .The losing team will be penalties.

MINI GAME 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 BACK .

Question 1 If you have a choice. who will you choose in the world ? BACK .

." BACK . Question 2 Complete this sentence: "I wish I had someone I can share ...

you will share with him or her an important thing that they need to know? BACK . Question 3 If you become lover.

how do you feel? BACK . Question 4 When your lover doesn’t stay beside you .

Question 5 Lucky number! BACK .

Question 6 What do you think about saying: Sweetie is a your firm fulcrum? BACK .

Question 7 Feeling lonely without sweetie like? BACK .

Question 8 How to meet the ideal man? BACK .

Question 9 What do you most valued in love? BACK .

Question 10 What do you think about girls have many lovers? BACK .

Question 11 If you get bad criticism. how to respond? BACK .

Question 12 At quarrel. girlfriend does not let you touch her. what to do? BACK . does not hear any words you say.

Question 13 Marry with beautiful wife really matter? BACK .

Question 14 If selected between love and money. will you choose? BACK .

Question 15 Lucky number! BACK .

Question 16 Lucky number! BACK .

which one is more important? BACK . Question 17 Appearance and personality.

romance or reality. which is more important? BACK . Question 18 When love.

Question 19 Lucky number! BACK .

Question 20 What is love? BACK .

(Tình yêu sẽ chiến thắng tất cả). what would you choose ?Why ? Topic 5: What are the advantages and disadvantages of students’s love? . What do you think about this opinion ? between money and love. What do you think about this opinion ? Topic 4: Love conquers all. but love seldom becomes friendship. Presentation Topic 1: Friendship can grow into love. What do you think about this opinion? Topic 2: Love is blind What do you think about this opinion ? Topic 3: A man falls in love through his eyes. a woman through her ears. ~ Virgil .