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Monthly Report : July- August 2017

What happened – What worked – What didn’t
An Overall Picture

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• 27Posts | Total Likes : 17,468
Facebook Marketing • Total reach achieved in 1 month: ~ 6,66,476
• Total Impressions: ~ 11,88,300
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Facebook – Post Level

• The page received a total of 17,468 likes with an average
of 7 likes per day (all are organic).
• For the month of July 2017, we have made 27 new posts
(inclusive of GIFs)
• This month we focused primarily on engaging campaigns
and promotional posts.
• We also boost maximum number of posts on the page to
get more visibility, the number of impressions has doubled
in the last month.
Facebook – Page Level

• Total daily number of users engaged in the period of 31
days for the Month of July was 12,247 which means our
Brand awareness efforts are consistence and going in
the right direction.
• Total daily reach and engagement has been
consistent to 6,66,476 which is twice the reach for the
previous month!
• And the Total daily impressions achieved in 31 days
was close to 11,88,300. which has increased 2 times
than that of the previous month
Facebook – Post Level

Post Type Date Reach Impressions
Avocados have a fun etymology! In Chile, they are known as
Photo 7-30-17 9:52 PM 24095 36004
'Palta' which is their Quechua name. #NationalAvocadoDay
Our success lies in the journey of bringing farm fresh, delightful
offerings to your kitchen. The cycle of these healthy gifts arising
Video 7-29-17 12:11 AM 17668 23337
from the soil and going back to the soil is endless and so is our
passion to serve with you with the best fruits and veggies!
Apple's skin is loaded with fiber and Vitamin C that helps you keep
your liver healthy and away from Hepatitis. Get farm fresh apples
Photo 7-28-17 12:56 AM 24371 37254
on Terraa today: #ApplesForHepatitis
Apples won’t replace your toothbrush, but biting and chewing
them stimulates the production of saliva in the mouth, reducing
Photo 7-25-17 11:01 PM 28129 39176
tooth decay. Get farm fresh Apples on Terraa today:
1 Banana has about 110 calories, 30 grams of carbohydrate and 1
gram of protein. Peel a banana and indulge in the pool of good
Photo 7-24-17 11:15 PM 27985 39009
health. Order farm fresh bananas on Terraa now:
Facebook – Post Level

Post Type Date Reach Impressions
With each simple bite of this fruit, your body will get a boost of
essential minerals including potassium, fluoride, phosphorous,
Photo 7-23-17 10:16 PM 24931 36249
magnesium, iron, calcium and zinc. Order farm fresh plums on Terraa
today: #HealthyMadeEasy
Because staying healthy doesn't require a lot of effort, it just needs a
fresh and healthy diet! Order farm fresh grapes on Terraa today and
Photo 7-22-17 10:00 PM 23963 34839
take a simple step towards a healthy life-
Oranges and Lemons of the Citrus Family, contain natural sugars,
which support brain function and nourish your muscles. Photo 7-21-17 11:04 PM 31259 44997
Both Melons and Cucumbers help the body fight diabetes,
constipation and kidney stones along with making the skin bright Photo 7-20-17 11:26 PM 27453 39150
and refreshed. #WeAreFamily
While tomatoes are rich in Vitamin A,C,D,E, and K, their cousins,
Photo 7-20-17 1:09 AM 22113 30938
Potatoes are a home to Vitamin B3, B6 and C #WeAreFamily
Both these members of the Rose Family have a rich Vitamin content.
Apples provide a source of vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, while Photo 7-18-17 11:47 PM 26229 36046
almonds contain vitamin E. #WeAreFamily
Get a FREE sample basket on signing up! Subscribe to good health. Link 7-18-17 5:20 AM 52114 72484
(Exclusive to New Users)
Facebook – Post Level

Post Type Date Reach Impressions

Our philosophy is if you worry, you suffer twice. Lower down your Photo 7-14-17 12:15 AM 19888 28286
stress level with delicious Orange Facts. #FantasticFruits
Coconut sugar contains a fiber known as inulin that help slow
glucose absorption, offering an alternative for those dealing with Photo 7-12-17 10:32 PM 28578 38690
diabetic concerns. #DiabetesWeek
We are on an expedition of finding the fantastic fruits and where can
we find them to get them to you at your doorsteps! Stay tuned for Photo 7-11-17 10:21 PM 25113 33085
Sugar is basically devoid of nutrients, but applesauce is a good
source of fiber and contains small amounts of beneficial vitamins
and minerals including vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin and potassium. Photo 7-10-17 10:30 PM 33620 46866
Make a healthier and sweet switch today-
Reduce the sweetness in cakes and banana breads to get control of Photo 7-10-17 12:54 AM 36653 51354
sugar level in your body with banana puree. #Diabetesweek
Gift your taste buds the enhanced taste of Thai cuisine with peppy
and chirpy Chinese cabbage. Order farm fresh Chinese Cabbage Photo 7-8-17 11:31 PM 45725 60689
on Terraa today:
Facebook – Post Level

Post Type Date Reach Impressions
Indulge in the sweet flavors of baby corns- the quintessential exotic
element of every Indonesian delight. Get farm fresh baby corns on Photo 7-7-17 10:00 PM 23505 28865
Terraa today:
Bananas are an excellent source of magnesium and potassium,
which help to relax over-stressed muscles for a good quality sleep. Photo 7-6-17 10:48 PM 22918 28567
Walnuts are a natural home to Melatonin and amino acid
tryptophan that supports the body in getting good amount of sleep. Photo 7-6-17 12:16 AM 24305 32551
Almonds are rich in Magnesium- a mineral needed to support
melatonin production to get quality sleep as well as muscle Photo 7-4-17 10:49 PM 30614 43903
relaxation. #SleepAwarenessWeek
Cherries are the richest food sources of melatonin, the same sleep-
inducing hormone that is produced by the pineal gland in the brain. Photo 7-3-17 10:06 PM 31888 47266
Pineapples are known to enhance and raise serum levels of
melatonin in male. Switch to farm fresh fruits for a better sleep. Photo 7-2-17 10:29 PM 34998 53482
From fibers, to anti-oxidants to Vitamin C, Kiwi blesses you with the
gift of perfectly good health. Get farm fresh Kiwis on Terraa today: Photo 7-1-17 12:43 AM 32165 47765
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Facebook Posts - Samples
Facebook Posts - Samples
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