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Mineral Water of Bangladesh

Prepared for
Md. Nazmus Sakib (Mnb)
North South University
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Md. Mujaddid Al Masum 111 0015 030
Mehrab Muttaki 151 0016 630
A. K. M. Tahmeed 151 0826 030
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Presentation Outline  Current Market Situation  SWAT Analysis  Objectives  Introduction of a New Brand  Action Plan  Budget  Control .

Current Market Situation  Market Situation  Product Situation  Competitive Situation  Distribution Situation  Macro-environment Situation .

 Have secured line of raw material supply.  High quality product.Swat Analysis Strength:  Mum has strong management.  Production is run in a hygienic environment.  Latest and efficient machineries and technologies are used in production.  The cylindrical shape of the 500 ml bottle has a high diameter that makes it difficult to hold in hand. .  Well trained and skilled employees.  Extensive distribution network.  They have not added any new feature to their product for a long time. Weakness:  Mum does not have any promotional activity recently.  They have not introduced any new brand or new product in the product line for a long time.

Swat Analysis (cont. So competitive environment exists.  The bottled drinking water is becoming popular and can be advertised to gain the market share among health conscious people..  Increasing price of raw materials and other necessary things.  If import.  People always get substitutions. Threat:  There are many companies in the market. If they think product price is higher than they will switch to other brand. export duty or other government vat and tax issue.  People in the Metro-Politian areas are inclined towards branded products.) Opportunities:  Have opportunity of market and product development.  Competitors invested huge amount for promotional activities to gain their market share. .

 Generate increased brand awareness quantified by reactions.  Making the best use of the opportunities. feedback of customer at the trade show.  Increase market penetration every quarter.Objectives  Maintain positive steady growth each month. .

Introduction of a New Brand Fountain Fountain is simply bottled drinking water that is designed and developed in order to satisfy general public demand with the value proposition or tagline “Trust in every drop”. We will avail this product in bottles in volume of 500 ml. 1 liter. . For Fountain Drinking Water we would use clear plastic bottles with an innovative design that would attract consumer’s attention right away. 2 liter and 5 liter.

500ml bottles are perfect for consumption of an individual. cafes and hotels. . The target for 5 liter bottle is mainly household or large scale users who need large quantities of water for their work. We tried to study the need of people’s need and design the products according to their needs without targeting a specific group. The target for 1litre and 2 liters bottle are mainly restaurants.Target Market Target market for water Industry has a big range because all the people need water to drink.

”Trust in every drop” is an effort to infiltrate consumers mind when they think about “pure” drinking water. .Positioning We intend to position Fountain as the cost leader along with being something that’s different though being a generic product. Our value proposition.

Product Line and Price Offering Price 500ml 12 1 liter 20 2 liters 25 5 liters 60 .

 Divisional distribution centers will be established and initially the divisional cities will be provided with the product. .  Sale force will be appointed to target the wholesalers and retailers of mineral water and supply them our product and also collect the feedback from consumers.Distribution and Sales Force  A well organized distribution system will be introduced in order to cover all the targeted places where potential customers exist.

 Advertising gives information and guidance to consumers.  Successful promotion will help us spread costs over a larger output.  The target group needs to be made aware of the existence and availability of the product through promotion. with the tagline” Trust in every drop” conveying the message it’s the purest water available. .Promotions  Promotional activities are necessary for large scale marketing and also for facing market competition effectively.  The promotional campaign for Fountain Drinking Water will emphasize on differentiating the product on the basis of quality and superior packaging.

For this we will use following media channels: Television Newspaper Radio Billboards Social Networks (Facebook. There’s a saying. Twitter) Magazines TV actors: We will use some popular TV/Movie actor or singers to do our campaign. magazine. or in radio media it will be published or shown or heard. newspaper. So we intend to seize the opportunity of their absence and go for a massive initial promotional campaign.Action Plan For consumer: Recently most leading brands of Bangladesh have held themselves back from any promotional activity. out of mind”. Mainly in TV. ”Out of sight. . like say a 10seconds jingle for the usefulness of Cholesterol free product and it will be sponsored by our brand.

notebook. fridge or cell phones etc. it might go against us. Reward as best retailer: We will choose ten best retailers among the cities. We will call a ceremonial meeting and will provide gifts like diary. TV. if the competition market is giving 5%. ac. because we don’t want to create chaos among the competitors. banner.Action Plan (cont…) For distribution channels: High paid commission: Every other bottled water company is paying commission to the retailer so are distributors. we will offer 7% but the scale shouldn’t exceed a scale. we will also offer them commission. .

Newspaper) Promotion and others 60.000 Totals 110.00. Budgeting TYPE AMOUNT (TK) Advertisements (among TV.00. 50.000 .000 Radio.00.

patience. A strategic plan should be implemented for control purposes. If any defecate will occur then necessary correction program must be taken for improvement. carefulness must be needed for achieving goals of this marketing plan. For implementation of this plan.Controls Controlling purpose of the plan also allows for month by month comparison of actual versus projected sales and expenses. . proper attention.

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