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My name is Fanny Patricia Pabon Pea .

I am from Colombia. I am 48 years old.
My skin is light, my hair is curly and
short. I live with my husband, my two
daughters and my dog. I like watching
TV and painting, my favorite food is
This is my family
He is Gilberto Mantilla, he is my husband, he
is 48 years old, he is retired policeman and is
also a lawyer. He likes to spend free time
with family, he likes sea food and desserts.
he likes to go for a walk with our dog.
She's my daughter Mayra
Alejandra, she is studying
fashion design, she is 19
years old, she is the eldest
of two daughters, she likes
to play sports, watch
YouTube videos and listen to
music, her favorite food is
chicken, spaghetti and
French fries.
She's my daughter Nicolle Natalia,
she is 14 years old, she studies at
the school San Jose de la salle, in
the ninth grade. she likes
hamburgers, French fries and
chicken, she loves horror movies.
This is my family, my mother Margarita, my brothers are Jose
Manuel, Antonio and Javier, my sisters are Esperanza, Miriam,
Betty and Claudia.
We enjoy when we all meet up, we like parties, trips, we like games
and we all participate because it is fun.
This is my family with my husband, and here is my sister in law
Cristina. Here is my niece Kristelle, my mother in law Isabel and
my sister in law Margarita. They are very special to me, they are
loving and fun, they like cooking especially Cristina, she is chef.
He is Carlos the husband of my niece Johana and her son Angel ,
my brother Javier with his wife and the girl is my niece Isabella,
my brother Antonio with my sister in law Gloria, the girl is his
grand daughter Maria Jose and finally this my niece Diana
Karolina. She is very cheerful and she likes to dance.
Here are my brothers, my mother, some of my nephews and my
sister in law Yaneth. My family is very big and when we have a
good time together, we love to dance, sing, drink and eat.
This is Ronnie my dog, he is a German
Shepherd, he is 14 months old, Ronny is
very intelligent and cares a lot. His
favorite food is concentrated with
chicken breast pieces.