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Research Scholar

Mr .Avishkar Dhawale (MBA Marketing Management)

Under the Guidance of

Dr.Prof.Ganesh Pathak
(Assistant Professor-Rajeev Gandhi Business School)
Management Problem/ Research
Customer Satisfaction level after buying flat
As per presented prior to sale and after the possession
of flat.
Commitment fulfillment from the Builder.
Quality of the product including all the materials used
in the flat (Paint, Tiles, Bricks, Switches, etc.)
To improve customer output in respect of companys
new future project.
To improve customer satisfaction level and quality .
Statement of Research Problem
According to the research problem statement of research is
study of Customer Satisfaction after buying flat with
special reference to Manor Magnova Realty Wakad Pune.
Objectives of the Study
To study customer satisfaction level of customer on various
parameters of quality and service.
To find out the customer expectation from Magnova Realty.
To suggest ways to enhance customer service expereince.
To suggest methods to reduce the inefficiencies.
To analyze customer profile of Magnova Manor Realty.
Hypothesis of the Study
Scope of the Study
Geographical Scope
The existing customers of Magnova Manor
Realty Marunji Road, Wakad Pune.
Conceptual Scope
The Study cover customer satisfaction level of
customer after buying flat.
Analytical Scope
Customer satisfaction in respect of Product,
Price, Place, Promotion, Physical evidence, People,
Importance of the Study
The project initiate the customer satisfaction level on the
various parameters by which the company may increase
there customer satisfaction level in respect of the quality
improvevisation, amenities provided by the builder, legal
difficulties, loan facilities, on time possession, etc.
Research methodology
Type of Research Design
The Descriptive Research design use for Project
Data Collection Method
Primary data was collected through a structured questionnaire.
The Questionnaire was distributed to Investor
Instruments- Questionnaire is used for data collection
Population - 86
Sample Size - 71
Sampling method - Simple random sampling
Data Analysis
Simple Table and Chart use for data analysis
1) Introduction to the Study
2) Conceptual Background
3) Organizational Profile
4) Data Analysis and Presentation
5) Finding, Suggestion and Conclusion