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Essential Question:

What are the similarities &

differences among the Spanish,
French, Dutch, & British patterns
of colonization in America?

CPUSH Agenda for Unit 1.1:

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Compare the Spanish, French,
Dutch, & British colonies notes
Todays HW: 2.1
Unit 1 Test: Friday, August 19
Class Discussion: What was North America like before
Titleby Columbus in 1492?
the discovery of America
Before the arrival of Europeans, North America
was dominated by diverse Indian groups
In the East, Indians like
the Iroquois, Powhatans,
& Cherokee were settled
into farming villages

Cherokee farming village Iroquois farmers

Before the arrival of Europeans, North America
was dominated by diverse Indian groups
In the central
plains, Indians
like the Sioux &
Cheyenne hunted
buffalo using mass-
hunting techniques

The jump-kill technique drove buffalo off cliffs

Before the arrival of Europeans, North America
was dominated by diverse Indian groups
In central America,
the Aztecs formed
a powerful empire
& dominated
surrounding Indians

The Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan

During the Renaissance, a desire for new trade
routes to Asia led to an Age of Exploration
European explorers Christopher Columbus
found new trade discovery of America in 1492
routes & formed transformed the future of
overseas colonies American Indians & Europeans
The arrival of Europeans led to the introduction
of new products between Indians & Europeans
called the Columbian Exchange
The introduction of potatoes The introduction
The introduction
& corn helped improve the Europeanof grains,
diets & life expectancy of & cattlediseases
people throughout the world many Indian
influenza killed as
many as 90% of
Native Americas
Spain sent explorers
called conquistadors to
the New World to find
gold & conquer lands

the Aztecs

the Inca
Gold from America increased
Spains wealth & power
The success of the Spanish colonies
encouraged other European powers to
form permanent colonies in North America
Use these documents to guess what the
Spanish colonies in North America were like

I find it confounding to
attempt to Christianize the
native peoples, and then,
when we have done so, to
make slaves of them on our
estates. In Gods name is that
any way to treat
Spanish Christians?
--Bartolome de las Casas
In the 1600s & 1700s, Spanish conquistadors
Spain dominated searched for gold & silver
Central & South Americas Spain converting Indians
and the SE & SW regions to Catholicism & created
of North America missions in America
Why did the Spanish
colonize in America?

Red =
The King of Spain who
sent viceroys to strictly
govern the colonies
(Colonists could not vote
& had few freedoms)
The economy of the & haciendas (plantations)
Spanish colonies was using the encomienda
based on mining system of Indian workers to
gold & silver (bullion) farm cash crops like sugar
Spanish colonial society was strictly controlled
Viceroys (royal governors)
had power & were at the
top of society
White Spanish colonists
(creoles) had land & wealth
The lack of colonial women
led to intermarriages
between white colonists
& Indians (mixed-race
Indians were mestizos)
Native Indians &
African slaves made
up the bottom of
colonial society
Use these documents to guess what the
French colonies in North America were like
In the 1600s, French
explorer Samuel de
Champlain failed to find a
NW passage through
Canada but created the
French colony of Quebec

France claimed land from

Canada to New Orleans &
controlled territory along
the Mississippi River
Why did the French
colonize in America?
Like Spain, the French
colonists focused on
wealth & converting
Indians to Catholicism

Yellow =
Most French colonists
profited from the fur
trade, small-scale farming,
or lumbering
Because the French
needed furs, they were
the most friendly with
the local Indians
French colonists had to
be Catholic & few people
immigrated to America
Like the Spanish colonies,
the French colonial govts
were strictly controlled by
the King of France who
ruled via royal governors
Use these documents to guess what the
Dutch colonies in North America were like
The Dutch created a colony New Amsterdam
in present-day New York City was created by
called New Amsterdam that private investors of a
became New Netherland joint-stock company
Why did the Dutch colonize who hoped to profit
in America? from trade in America
To attract settlers, the
Dutch govt allowed
anyone, regardless of
religion or nation, to
immigrate & granted
political freedom to
their colonists
...As a result, New
Netherland was one of
the most free & diverse
colonies in America
Use these documents to guess what the
British colonies in North America were like
Like the Dutch, the British
settled in America through
joint-stock companies of
private investors
British colonists came
to America for a wide
variety of reasons:
Some colonists came to
America to escape poverty,
gain wealth, or gain land
Some came for religious
freedom & to flee religious
Some colonists came to
escape violence during
the English Civil War
As a result, the
British colonies were
very different from
each other & were
never very unified
Britain developed a
policy called salutary
neglect that allowed
colonists could create
local laws & taxes in
colonial assemblies

Royal governors
were sent by the
king, but they had
little power
The societies & economies of the British colonies
were the
Unlike dependent
Spanish upon the reasons people settled
& French,
the British
New Englandcolonists
like hard to convert, marry,
or trade
werewith local Indians,
connected conflicts over land
by religion
were common
& families with an
economy based largely
on subsistence farming

Southern colonies, like

Virginia, had cash crop
economies, large gaps
between rich & poor
farmers, & slave labor
Closure Activity
To review the Spanish, French, Dutch, &
British colonies, students will be presented
with a series of potential immigrants to
North America.
For each potential immigrant
Determine the best colonial region
for that person to move to
Give a brief explanation that
supports your decision
Potential Immigrant #1:
A poor, unmarried man
looking to make his fortune
Potential Immigrant #2:
A person with
very religious beliefs
Potential Immigrant #3:
A woman looking for new
opportunities in America
Potential Immigrant #4:
A person looking for political
freedom & the ability help
make laws
Potential Immigrant #5:
A Native American
looking for freedom from
European control
Potential Immigrant #6:
A person who enjoys living
where the action is
(a place where something
exciting is always happening)
Potential Immigrant #7:
A father looking for safety &
security for his family
Potential Immigrant #8:
An entrepreneur looking for a
location to open a business
specializing in shipping