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One day, a

crow saw a
piece of cake
on the wall.
He pick-ed it up
with his beak
and flew away.
He sat on the He was ready to
branch of a eat the cake.
Just then, a fox
came upto the

He saw the
cake and want-
ed to eat it. He said to the
crow You are
He had an idea. very pretty.
He said to the
crow You
are very
Your voice
also must be The crow was
very sweet. fool-ish.
Please sing a He began to
song for me. sing.
The cake fell
from his beak.

The fox pick-ed

it and ate it up.

He went away
The Thirsty
One day in
summer, it was
very hot.

A crow was
very thirsty.

It saw a pot
under a tree.
There was very
little water in it.

The crow saw

pebbles lying
near the tree.
The crow picked
The crow had up the pebbles
an idea.
with his beak.
He put them
into the pot,
one by one.
The water in
the pot rose.
The crow
drank the
water and
flew away

The Lion
and the
One day, a lion
caught a mouse. He
got ready to eat him.
The mouse said
Please do not eat
me. Some day, I will
help you.
The lion took pity on
the mouse and let him
After a few days, the
lion got caught in a
hunters net.
He cried for help.
The mouse heard
He came to the lion
and cut the net with
his sharp teeth.
The lion was free.
He thanked the
mouse and went
away happily into
the forest.

The Hare
and the
Once upon a time,
there lived a hare and
a tortoise.
They were very good
One day, the tortoise
told the hare Let us
run a race. The tortoise said
The hare said I will We shall see.
So, the race began.
After some time,
The hare ran very the hare felt tired.
fast and went off far
ahead. He went to sleep
The tortoise walk-ed
He slept for a
The tortoise reached
long time. The
the winning post
tortoise kept on
before the hare and
won the race.
Slow and

Wins the race

The Capseller
the Monkeys
It was a hot
summer day.
A cap seller sat
under a tree. He
felt tired.
He ate his food
There were many
and slept for some
monkeys on the
The monkeys saw
the cap sellers

They came down

the tree and open-
ed the bag.
They took all the
caps with them
and went up the

When the capseller

woke up, he saw
the monkeys
wear-ing the caps.
He shout-ed at them
but the monkeys did
not return the caps.
Then, he had an idea.

He took the cap from

his head and threw
it down.
The monkeys saw
him. They also
took the caps from
their heads and
threw them down.
The cap seller pick-ed
up all the caps.
He put them all in his
bag and went away

Four Friends
Once upon a time,
there were four
friends the deer,
the crow, the rat
and the tortoise.
They met every
day in the forest to
One day, the rat,
the crow and the
tortoise came to
play, but the deer
did not come.
They wait-ed for
some time.
Then, the crow
went to look for
the deer.
He found the deer
caught in a
hunters net.
The deer cried for
The crow flew back
to his friends.

He told them that

they must help the
The crow took the
The rat said that he rat on his back
could help the deer. and flew to the
The rat cut the net
with his sharp
The deer was free.
At that time, the
tortoise also came
Just then, the hunter
came there.
The deer and the rat
ran away.
The crow flew away.
The hunter caught
the tortoise and put it
in a bag.
This time, the deer had
an idea.
He ran slowly in front
of the hunter.
The hunter saw the
deer and ran after
Once again, the rat cut
the bag and the tortoise
was free.
The four friends ran
away into the forest.
The hunter came back
and found the bag cut
The hunter lost the
deer and the tortoise
because he was greedy.

He went home feeling


The four friends play

-ed in the forest
happily again.


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