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Advanced Academics &

Screening & Identification
Ms. Carrie Meyer
Bay Head School
Who is an ideal candidate
for AA&E?
students who possess or demonstrate high levels of
ability in one or more content areas when compared to
their chronological peers


who require modification of their educational program

if they are to achieve in accordance with their
What are the goals of
develop academic potential
provide opportunities for in-depth learning in an identified
students area of talent and interest
develop self awareness, self-efficacy, social skills, and
leadership skills
foster a sense of societal responsibility
encourage creative productivity through higher order thinking
foster ongoing professional development to support
classroom differentiation of content, process, and product.
How will these goals be
a combination of STEAM enrichment projects and
accelerated academics (e.g. targeted instruction on specific
reading level)

Input and Collaboration with classroom teachers

This program will be modified and revised from year to year

as the population of students and their needs change.

All stakeholders (teachers, students, parents, administration)

will be given the opportunity to evaluate the program.
Identification Steps
1. Parent and teacher nominations of students who
demonstrate above average capability, creativity, and task
commitment (Renzullis Three-Ring Conception of
Giftedness.) Data will be collected on all nominated
Characteristics of Highly Capable Learners
Borrowed with thanks from Mrs. Kimberly
Hoffman, Gifted Education teacher at
neighboring Antrim School
2. Parent & Teacher Input
Parent rating scale (optional)

Teacher Feedback Form

All forms borrowed with thanks from Mrs. Kimberly Hoffman and will be
personalized for Bay Head School pending Board of Ed approval
3. Data Collection
PARCC scores (grades 3, 4, 5 only)


DRA level


Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (with parental permission)

Portfolio/work samples and optional interview

Student scores must fall within the minimum score range on 4 out of the 6 criteria to be
identified for the AA&E program. Score ranges are fluid, as they change based on group

Reminder: This identification process is pending BOE approval

4. Eligibility
Parents and teachers will receive written notification of the selection
committees decision.
Committee Review- AA&E teacher presents profiles/collected data
to AA&E Committee for review and final group decision.
Students are notified as to whether needs are met in classroom OR
needs will be more appropriately met in AA&E. For the latter, the
AA&E teacher will create a needs-based action plan.
Appeals may be made by parents or students via written
communication addressed to the committee, which results in a
meeting with AA&E teacher and administrator/AA&E committee
member to discuss.
Exit and Evaluation
All stakeholders (teachers, students, parents,
administration) will be given the opportunity to evaluate
the program

Students will be reevaluated for continued services

annually. Recommendation for program exit may be
initiated by student, teacher, or parent at any time
followed by a formal meeting to discuss concerns.