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5 th

Still Elementary
Grade Newsletter August 31, 2017

1st Semester TEACHER TALK

Curriculum Leadership Notebooks Our First Field Trip
Math: With our study of the Civil War,
Order of operations 5th Graders will soon begin
plans have been made for our 5th
& Expressions developing their 7-Habits
Graders to tour the Southern
Place value notebooks. They will create
Museum of Locomotive and Civil
Mult. & divide with personal mission statements, create
2-digit numbers War History in Kennesaw on Sept.
goals, and record test grades as data
Decimal place value 20. Please see the permission form
they will keep each quarter.
and rounding and payment information in
Add, subtract, todays folder!
multiply & divide
with decimals
Job Opportunities
Narrative & Opinion Our 5th grade counselor, Missy Johnson, has shared opportunities for
Focus extracurricular jobs our students can participate in this year as leaders of Still
Elementary. Some of these include safety patrol, media helper, special needs and
Reading: kindergarten helpers, peer tutors, and news crew. The application deadline is now
20 Standards which right around the corner, Friday, September 1! We hope there is a lot of interest and
are revisited through commitment!
out the year

Constructive & THIS WEEK & BEYOND
Destructive Forces

Social Studies
Student Recognition Upcoming Dates
Civil War All-Star Leaders Doing Great Things 9/4 Labor Day Holiday
Julia Campbell Garrett Dunlap 9/6 Chorus forms due
Kaitlyn McElwee Ashlyn McElwee 9/7 Progress Reports
Jake Brzek Kyle Rene
9/11-9/15 IOWA test
Oliver Flynn Emma Elder
9/18 Super Specials
Dhashay Toussaint Evie Bower
Jayce Turberville Jace Lowther 9/20 Civil War
Fomo Mignouna Genesis Revilla field trip

Mission: Soaring To InSTILL a Love of Learning

Vision: At Still Elementary, All Leaders are Learners