D. develop. F.  A. I. SCOPE OF HRM  Definition of HRM HRM is a management function that helps managers plan. recruit. E. H. select. remunerate and maintain members for an organization. B. G. Scope of HRM Training and Development Organization and Development Job design Human resource planning Selection and staffing Personnel research and information system Compensation/benefits Employee labour relation Union labour relation . train. C.NATURE.

Objectives and functions 1    Societal objective Legal compliance Benefits UnionUnion-management relation Organizational objective Human resource planning Employee relations Selection Training and development Appraisal Placement Assessment 2        .

OBJECTIVES OF HRM Personal Objectives Societal Objective Objective of HRM Organizational Objective Functional Objective .

FUNCTIONS OF HRM Planning Evaluating Staffing Maintaining Relationships HRM Functions Developing Maintaining Managing Change Motivating .

1.      Personal objectives Training and development Placement Appraisal Compensation assessment .    Functional objective Appraisal Placement Assessment 1.

J. I. G. Internal Environment Union plays Culture of organization Fast changing technology Social norms regulating individual conduct Individuals the organization Isolation or culture values conflict SelfSelf-estrangement usage Values Image Rules .ENVIRONMENT OF HRM  Type of environment  Internal Environment  External Environment  A. B. E. D. C. H. F.

External Environment Social environment Economic environment With the impact of globalization and rationalization Role of union and union leaders Cultural forces Political and legal Economically and socially weaker section Religious values          . 2) External Env. Type of environment 1) Internal Env.

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