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Selenium Course Training Institute
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Introduction to Automation
Ways Of Testing
What is Manual Testing?
Drawbacks of Manual Testing
What is Automation testing
Drawbacks of Automation testing
Core Java
Introduction To Core Java
What is oops?
What is a class and object?
What is a main method?
Data types
String class
Object class
Collection API
Array list class
Hash table class
Hash Set class
Reflection API
Static Keywords
Super Key Word
Working with Property files
Exception handling
Try, Catch, Throwable Class,
Throw, Throws, Final and Finally
Web Driver (Selenium2.0)
WebDriver Introduction
What is WebDriver?
Why WebDriver?
Difference between WebDriver and
Selenium RC
Architecture of selenium webDriver
Downloading WebDriver Jars and
How to give instructions to Selenium web driver
How to give information to Selenium web driver
Internally what is happening during execution
Working with IE Driver
Downloading IE driver Server
Configuring IE Driver Server
Basic Example on IE Browser
Working with Chrome Driver
Downloading Chrome driver Server
Configuring Chrome Driver Server
Basic Example on Chrome Browser
Working with Firefox Driver
Where to use XPaths in the Script
Why to use XPaths
WebDriver Locators
Locating elements by ID
Locating elements by Class
Locating elements by Tag
Locating elements by Name
Locating elements by Link Text
Locating elements by Partial Link Text
Locating elements by XPath
Locating Elements by using CSS
Working with Property file
Selenium WebDriver API Commands and
Driver commands like
driver.quit(); ..etc
Child element commands like
Simulating the keyboard key press events
Simulating front and back button click in
Listeners using web driver event listener
Practical Usage of Listeners in Selenium
Introducing Actions class Usage
Simulating the Keyboard Key press event
Simulating Pressing Enter Button of Keyboard
Simulating Pressing TAB Button of Keyboard
Simulating MoveToElement/Mouse Over event
Working with Web Table
How to get row count
Test Planning
Generating the basic test
Enhancing the test
Checking with Assertions
Synchronizing the test
Implementing Implicit wait statement
Implementing Explicit wait statement
Using the test data during data driven testing
Auto IT
Installing Auto IT
Auto IT Overview
Why Auto IT?
AutoIT components
AutoIT commands
Auto IT Script Examples
Compiling Auto IT scripts
How To Use Auto IT scripts in Selenium
what is jacob jars
where to use jacob
What is JUnit
Configuring JUnit in Eclipse
JUnit 4 Annotation
Running Test in JUnit
Skipping Tests
Using Assertions
Test NG Frame work
Introduction to TestNG
Why TestNG
Installing TestNG in Eclipse
Advantages of TestNG over JUnit
Exploring TestNG Features
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Modular Driven Framework
What is modular driven framework
Create reusable code as methods
Create test scripts by importing methods
Data Driven Framework
What is parameterization?
Types of parameterization
Parameterization using Excel
what is POI API Jars
How to use POI API Jars
Example for Data Driven Testing
Local Scope Variables
Global Scope Variables
Constants variables
General methods
Object Repository Files
Application methods
Coding & Commenting Code
Test Scripts Creation
Test Suite Creation
Selenium IDE Introduction:
Installing Selenium IDE
Recording Script
Understanding about target and value
Identifying the objects using ID, Name, Link and
Table View
Source view
Why companies are not encouraging the
Selenium Remote Control Introduction
What is Selenium Remote Control
Difference between Selenium IDE and Selenium
Starting Selenium-Grid
Configuring Selenium-Grid
Hub Configuration
Node Configuration
Executing tests using Selenium- Grid.
what is log4j
Download and configure Log4j jars
Implementing Log4j Examples
what is Ant
what is maven
Sikuli Introduction
Introduction to Sikuli
Sikuli Overview
Why Sikuli
Installing Sikuli
Sikuli commands
Sikuli Examples
Recording & Running Script Using Sikuli
Configuring SikuliX jars into Eclipse
How to write Sikuli Script into Eclipse