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Case Study

Brewing Behaviour issues

at Choco-Delight

Aishwarya Tiwari, Himanshu Biyala
Himanshu Dudani, Vasudha Kamra,
Vikas Nahar & Jigyasa Lakhina
Brief about Choco-Delight company

Cases with behavioural analysis


9/2/17 2
Choco-Delight The company
Founded in March, 2001 by Douglas & Dowell
Products (profit share):
Melting Delight - 60%
Milky Delight
Nutty Delight 40%
Fruity Delight
Team expansion of Melting Delight (in 2007); for product launch in
Jan-2008 at PAN Australia Level
PRODUCT TEAM: MELTING DELIGHT (Brand/Team Manager:- David Parker)
Old Members New Member Job Profile
Jane & Graham Branson Advertising Campaign
Hayden & Green Lee Product Launch

Geller Turner Promotional Market Plan Designer

9/2/17 3
Document theft as Mr. Turner stole
the Marketing Strategy from his colleague.

Assigned job What he did Behaviour shown

Designing a New Market Accessed his colleague, Driven by self-enhancement

Strategy Proposal for Gellers data without his and against the companys
promotion of product. consent. ethics of Trust & Integrity.

Provided a replica of Disloyal based on past

Gellers strategy report to experience.
the boss.

9/2/17 4
Region biasness shown by Mr. Lee towards his

Assigned job What he did Behaviour shown

Launching Strategy Undervalued the colleagues Having some perceptual

of the product. errors of Primacy and
Meaningless contribution to Recency effect for Cross-
discussions cultural relations.

Reluctant to have any formal Biased attitude because

or informal relation with team of his beliefs (requires to
members. have a global mindset)

9/2/17 5
Gender biasness shown by Mr. Branson
towards his colleague.

Assigned job What he did Behaviour shown

For advertising Afflicted with gender bias Has Gender biasness based
campaign on false-consensus effect

Showed superiority of his Values Power and tries to

work experience over dominate

9/2/17 6
Strong need to set Employees Code of Conduct in the company.

All 3 new employees need to be given one more chance to prove their
accomplishments in fair manner.
Some training session can be organized, motivating employees against
Biasness because of their perseverance and beliefs.
Punishment or termination would hamper productivity (selection of
new suitable persons will be a time taking job)
A dialogue with Douglas and Dowell in presence of 3 new recruits will
help them to be more acquainted to company values of mutual trust,
respect, loyalty, fair professionalism and individual integrity.
Role change or Job rotation might help in this situation.

9/2/17 7
Thank You

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