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Member of Group :
1. Dyana Aura C. (10)
2. Galih Wisnu K. (13)
3. Hamidatu Zahra (15)
4. Muh. Hasyidan P.W. (20)
5. Rizky Riswanda (27)
6. Shintya Audyna Z. (31)
7. Syifa Kamila (32)
8. Ziana Lazimatus S. (35)
To express a situation that began in
the past and continues to the present.
To express an activities which are just
finish and usually without any adverb
of time.
Used when the speaker wishes to
indicate that the event is relevant in
the present or future time.
Note: Have I, You, We, They
Has He, She, It

(+) Subject + have/has + verb 3 + O/C

(-) Subject + have/has + not + verb 3 + O/C

(?) Have/has + Subject + verb 3 + O/C

Regular & Irregular Verb
Regular Verb Irregular Verb
V1 V2 V3 V1 V2 V3
work worked worked arise arose arisen
walk walked walked blow blew blown
call called called cleave cleft cleft
study studied studied draw drew drawn
try tryed tryed fling flung flung
wait waited waited go went gone
finish finished finished mow mowed mown
attend attended attended partake partook partaken
want wanted wanted ring rang rung
like liked liked sell sold sold
wait waited waited strive strove striven
open opened opened thrown threw thrown
Interogative :

Have They They

We We Have
I Yes You
You / I
Has He Swept No Swept the
the floor? He floor.
She She Has
It It
(+) They have played tennis
(-) They havent played tennis
(?) Have they played tennis?

(+) Ricky has written a letter for her mother

(-) Ricky hasnt written a letter for her mother
(?) Has Ricky written a letter for her mother?

(+) He has drunk the milk

(-) He hasnt drunk the milk
(?) Has he drunk the milk?
(+) Rahmania has studied four traditional languages
(-) Rahmania hasnt studied four traditional
(?) Has Rahmania studied four traditional languages?

(+) I have gone to Gotham city once before

(-) I havent gone to Gotham city once before
(?) Have you gone to Gotham city before?

(+) We have lived in our house for three years

(-) We havent lived in our house for three years
(?) Have we lived in our house for three years?