Surigao Development Corporation (SUDECOR) is the only remaining TLA holder in Mindanao still in operation today.

The company has undertaken logging operations in its forest concession for 50 years now, and through the years the company has maintained the forest, making it a living testament to what sustainable forest management is all about.

Managers of permanent forests

SUDECOR began its operations in 1959 through a Timber License Agreement. It undertakes its woods harvesting within the 75,671 hectares of forest concession covering 7 municipalities of Surigao del Sur. It operates a veneer and plywood manufacturing plant in Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.

Veneer and Plywood Manufacturing Plant in Cantilan



SUDECOR Forest Concession

y Managed the Surigao forest effectively and

sustainably y Continuously employed over a thousand workers y Contributed to the revenue generation efforts of the national and local governments y provided development assistance to communities, local institutions and organizations

SUDECOR Forest Concession y Location: Surigao del Sur Province, Philippines y Area: 75 671 hectares y Managing entity: Surigao Development Corp. y Management objective: Sustainable wood production

SUDECOR has been implementing sound forest management and development practices for more than 40 years. The concessionaire maintains one of the best growing stocks of naturally regenerated dipterocarp forests in the Philippines. By closely adhering to prescribed forestry laws, rules and regulations, SUDECOR has been able to maintain a green mantle of tropical forest vegetation, which covers approximately 92 percent of the concession. The company has adapted to the 1992 government policy banning logging of old-growth forests, and has maintained profitability by harvesting well-stocked secondary forests, under careful silvicultural prescriptions. The concession was chosen as an experimental site for special foreign-assisted research projects during the last decade and has also hosted field observations and study tours.
From the FAO Website
(Food and Agriculture Office, United Nations)

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