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Linking our Competency Framework to the PDI

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What are we going to cover?

1. Take a look at the Steria Competency Framework

2. Understand the difference between Competency Framework & Values
3. How does it work?
4. How do we measure Competencies?
5. How do we prepare to assess Competencies?
6. How do we keep it consistent?
7. Benefits of using a Competency Framework
8. Learning & Development Activity

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Competency Framework

Eight competencies identified

Leadership and refined through
Innovation workshops across Group
and Change including 200 employees so
built by Steria for Steria

Underpins the Career

ability Competency Future Framework
Defines the behaviours
anticipated within jobs at
Effective certain levels
Communication Service


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Benefits of using a Competency Framework

Performance management

Provide starting point for PDI

Help agree objectives
Benchmark to assess performance at end of year

Learning & Development

Learning opportunities in Steria designed around competencies

Helps you discuss and agree learning opportunities for individuals

Career development

Clarity on expected behaviours required at each level

Aid career & personal development by agreeing objectives on higher levels

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Steria Competencies and Values

Competencies are based on

knowledge, skills and attitude Values on the other hand, are
and learning them helps really moral and ethical
individuals improve standards.
They are ideas and beliefs that
Competencies can be we hold as special. It is
objectively measured, Vs important that people are given
enhanced, and improved time to reflect on them and to
through coaching and learning personalise.
We dont really teach somebody
how to be respectful. We model
define what we do Values define what
we are
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How Does it Work?

Contributor Manager Leader

Level 8/7/6 Level 6/5/4 Level 4/3/2/1

Leadership - leading and developing

high calibre people and teams and Teamwork - working as one team to
living the Steria values meet shared goals

Business Awareness - translating Effective Communication - being

Steria's capabilities to meet our skilled and effective communicators
customer's business needs profitably
Accountability - taking ownership of
Future Orientation - seeing the future business outcomes
and acting appropriately
Innovation and Change - empowering
Service Excellence - delivering innovation and change
quality projects and services
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How Does it Work?

Example of Competency defined behaviours

Works cooperatively with colleagues and considers their needs and the impact of decisions on them. Seeks to build
relationships across the organisation and to work for the overall good of the business. Able to find common ground and
gain trust. Encourages collaboration.
Contributor Manager Leader
(level 8/7/6) (level 6/5/4) (level 4/3/2/1)
Examples of Effective Behaviour
Demonstrates an awareness of others Encourages and enables cross Builds and draws upon cross company
workloads/pressures departmental working network

Respects other team members and Establishes shared priorities for the Promotes an organisational culture that
their contributions team supports work life balance and
Examples of Ineffective Behaviour

Focuses on own work to the detriment Takes sole credit for the team's efforts Does not consider the impact of
of the team and successes decisions upon different parts of the
Does not engage with team goals Doesn't address inter team conflict
Fosters competition rather than
cooperation and encourages a silo

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How do we measure Competencies?

Exemplifies ( + ) Consistently demonstrates all positive indicators at own

layer, as well as some in layer above

Meets standard ( = ) Consistently demonstrates majority of positive indicators

over negative indicators at own layer

Development required Consistently demonstrates negative indicators over

(-) positive indicators at own layer, or has a significant
negative indicator

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How to Prepare for it?

Step 1 Familiarise yourself with the role of your appraise i.e. Job
Specification .
Step 2 Identify the competence layer the Employee will be assessed
against according to the Level of Employee. (Contributor /
Manager / Leader).
Step 3 Review the behaviour statements for each competency and
consider examples of how these behaviours apply to the
Step 4 Discuss and agree with the Employee the statements for each
competency. These can be recorded as objectives throughout
the performance management process. Mid -
Step 5 The Employee collects and provides evidence to show their
ability against their competence based objectives.

Step 6 Conduct annual PDI and complete annual review for

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Examples of types of evidence

Product Evidence Process Evidence

Examples of what an individual Examples that show how an

did, or something that was individual went about doing
produced:- something:-

a piece of written work, such as a statement from someone who

a report; observed the behaviour being
a completed project
feedback from a customer,
manager, colleague and so on

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How to keep it consistent?

Giving feedback can be a very subjective process, with every manager

having their own standards and ways of defining and evaluating

So how can we ensure that our employees are getting

fair & consistent reviews?
1. Steria standard set of competencies to evaluate against
2. Everyone will be scored using the same scoring system across Steria.
3. Solicit input from a secondary manager
4. Gather multirater feedback i.e 360 degree feedback
5. Use consistent language in comments

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Thank You!!

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