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What is Annx SL?

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What is Annx SL ?

Annex SL defines a generic management

system framework and structure of clauses
for all management systems standards.
What does Annx SL Means

SL does not have any abbreviation !

Annx SL is just an identification number,

before it was called Guide 83
Why Annexure SL?

All management system standard will have same

level of high level structure, core text and identical
terms & definition.

This will reduce complexity for organization

implementing multiple management system.
Annex SL High Level Structure Followed in ..

- ISO 9001:2015
- ISO 14001:2015
-IATF 16949:2016

Any new or revised management standard

now will be based on Annex SL common
Who is the intended user of Annx SL?

The intended audience for the document is

related ISO Technical Committees (TC),
Subcommittees (SC), Project Committees (PC)
& associated working groups that are
involved in the development of management
system standards
What is High Level Structure?

The major titles and clause number of all

management systems standards will be same.

Although, high level structure cant be changed,

it can have sub-clauses and specific text and
details can be added.
Common Clause Structure

Clause 1 Scope
Clause 2 Normative Reference
Clause 3 Terms & definitions
PLAN Clause 4 Context of the Organization
Clause 5 Leadership
Clause 6 Planning
Clause 7 Support
DO Clause 8 Operation
Clause 9 Performance evaluation
ACT Clause 10 Improvement
How to remember with ease ?

Clause 1 - Scope

The scope will define the intended outcome of the

management system. The outcome will be industry
specific and should be aligned with the context of the
organization (Clause 4)
Clause 2 Normative Reference

Give reference to relevant publication or standards relevant

to the particular standard.
Clause 3 Terms & definition

Common terms and definition specific to standard in

addition to any related terms & definition of standards.
Clause 4 Context of the Organization

4.1 Understanding the Organization & its context

4.2 Understanding the needs & expectations of

interested parties

4.3 Determining the scope of the XXX

management system

4.4 XXX management system

Note - XXX means appropriate management system like environment

(ISO 14001), food safety (ISO 22000)
Clause 5 Leadership

5.1 Leadership & Commitment

5.2 Policy

5.3 Organizational roles, responsibilities and

Clause 6 Planning

6.1 Action to address risk & opportunities

6.2 Management system objectives and planning

to achieve them
Clause 7 Support

7.1 Resources

7.2 Competence

7.3 Awareness

7.4 Communication

7.5 Documented information
Clause 8 Operation

8.1 Operational planning and control

Note Only single clause as bulk of respective management

system requirements lies under this clause. It address both
in-house and external process.
Clause 9 Performance evaluation

9.1 Monitoring, measurement, analysis and


9.2 Internal audit

9.3 Management review
Clause 10 Improvement

10.1 Non-conformity and corrective action

10.2 Continual Improvement
ISO/IEC Directives, Part 1, Consolidated ISO Supplement, 2015 -

Annexure SL Guidance documents
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