3-internal expansion slots. hierarchical tree structure August 1982 March 1983 .1 DOS 2.25 Microsoft¶s own release of DOS 1.0 ± IBM¶s release Used Patterson¶s 86-DOS DOS 1.DEVELOPMENT HISTORY Date August 12. 1981 May 1982 Version Release DOS 1.1 IBM¶s release of DOS to handle new doublesided drives DOS 1.0 for IBM¶s PC-XT Support 10MB hard drives.

Handled network hardware 1984 No ember 1984 . date. currency. DOS 2.1 Pro ided better aliasin ± made DOS treat directories as dri es. DOS 3.11 Microsoft¶s release Added international time.1 IBM¶s release Handled hardware errors called P jr DOS 2.DEVELOPMENTS Date March 1984 1984 Version Release cont. for IBM¶s 1 -bit P -AT system Su ort 1.2MB diskettes and hard dri es o er 1 MB. and keyboard su ort. Desi ned by Microsoft to su ort IBM network hardware DOS 3.

IBM¶s release FDISK can be used to create 2MB or smaller logical drives from e tended artitions DOS . 1 om aq¶s release Su ort drives greater than 2MB .DEVELOPMENTS Date January 1986 Version Release cont. 0 om aq¶s release Su ort 1.44MB diskettes and multi le 2MB disk artitions DOS . A ril 1987 1987 November 1987 DOS .2 Introduced and rovided su ort of -1/2 flo ies and 720K disk DOS .

0 MS-DOS 5.0 Microsoft¶s release Allowed DOS to reside in area above 640K memory. Provided an im roved DOS Shell DOS 6. DOS 4.Fi ed bugs introduced in 4.01.0 Microsoft¶s release Introduced DoubleS ace disk com ression November 1988 June 1991 March 199 .DEVELOPMEN S Date July 1988 Version Release cont.0 IBM¶s release Added a DOS Shell interface and su ort for disk artitions greater than 2MB. Provided su ort for mouse and gra hical interfaces. DOS 4. Provided su ort for loading device drivers.

Date November 199 February 1994 June 1994 A ril 1995 August 1995 Version Release DOS 6.0 Microsoft's release .DEVELOPMENTS cont.22 Microsoft¶s release Introduced ³DriveS ace´ disk com ression DOS 7.2 Microsoft¶s release DOS 6.21 Microsoft¶s release Removed DoubleS ace disk com ression DOS 6.0 IBM¶s release DOS 7.

0 TASKING y DOS is a allowed users to print out files while working on another. hange in child environment is not reflected in the arent. y OS/2 provided a multitasking environment. ± :> cmd /E:512 . TEMPORARY ENVIRONMENT ‡ DOS allows the user to s ecify a tem orary command rocessor (child rocess) with its own environment.SINGLE single-tasking OS but DOS 2.

FILE MANAGEMENT y Uses a multi-level hierarchical directory structure y FAT file contains the addresses of file clusters to build data y Some hard disks contain two copies of the FAT file. which are updated when data changes in a file .

frick-c a.as .MEMORY MANAGEMENT From: htt ://www.com/dos/DOS_Memory_1.

y Conventional Memory: User Memory from 0 640Kb y Expanded Memory: below 1024Kb of memory y Extended Memory: 1024Kb or 1MB and above y High Memory Area (HMA): The first 64Kb block of memory in EMA y Upper Memory (UMA): Memory located between 640K and 1024K .MEMORY cont.

DISK DILEMMA y Problem: Designers must decide the size of FAT chart y Standard diskette held: 160K y IBM PC came with 16K of RAM y Solution: Give FAT a maximum of 16-bit address y Largest table could have 64K entries y 64K entries * 512bytes/sector = 32MB (Maximum size of hard disk) y Created problem in accessing larger disks drives .

Compaq s DOS 3.3 : FDISK y Used to divide large physical memory into smaller logical partitions of 32MB or less Extended DOS to hold 32-bit FAT address.31 y 3.5GB Allowed large hard drives greater than 32MB 2.DISK MANAGEMENT y 1. Solutions to the 32MB hard disk problem DOS 3. thereby allowing logical partitions of . DOS 4.0: y .

COMMANDS y Internal y Common commands found inside COMMAND.COM. the command interpreter BREAK H P LS DEL ERASE GOTO ALL MKDIR OPY DIR E IT IF D HDIR DATE E HO FOR PATH .

E E DISK OMP.Commands cont.E E DISK OPY.E E ATTRIB.E E . OM ASSIGN. y External y Separate programs outside of COMMAND. OM HKDSK.E E DOSKEY. OM PRINT.E E OMP.COM y Commands are contained their own file y PATH must be set for the commands APPEND.E E DEBUG.E E BA KUP. OM MORE.

COM) was found and is running . operable program or batch file. y Start another command session y Don t set the path to null y Type doskey at the prompt y Nothing happened.Internal/External: A Brief Exercise y To check if a command is internal/external y type: set path= y format /?copy /? these are internal commands Example of an external command: y D:\>doskey /? y 'doskey' is not recognized as an internal or external command. but the doskey executable (DOSKEY.

FUTURE OF DOS y Windows OSs and IBM OS/2 Warp can run DOS applications but do not rely on it y IBM has a PC-DOS 2000 y Caldera has an extended version of DOS call DROpenDOS y DOS will fizzle out but not for another couple of years .

com/software/os/dos/dos2000/dos_qa. Paul. New York. ISBN: 0-553-35464-7 Wolverton. DOS Power Tools. ISBN: 0-7356-18127.REFERENCES IBM. 2002.html Somerson. URL:http://www3. PC DOS 2000. Microsoft Press. Van. NY: Bantam Books.ibm. Running MS-DOS 20th Anniversary Edition. .

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