SCOPE OF PRESENTATION: ‡ Development of Democratic Leadership ‡ Theory of Effective Leadership ‡ Person in Need of Leadership Training ‡ Importance of Leadership Training ‡ Weak Points of Naval Leadership .

The Students will: a. Enumerate the different factors of good leadership .Objective: To be able to explain to the students HOW LEADERSHIP develops and WHY must be considered as an essential element in excellent human relation in time of peace and in winning a war. Determine what particular leadership application is good to be applied for b.

Process of molding DISCIPLINE is by punishment 2. Recognition of leadership is based on: .Physical strength . Monarchial a.LEADERSHIP Basic concept of Leadership: . Respect and obedience rendered by the government is based on fear d.DEVELOPMENT OF DEMOCRATIC LEADERSHIP 1. Leadership is known before science and technology b. Pre-historic Period a. c. Leadership practiced by cave men.

Intelligence b.LEADERSHIP .Courage . Democratic Form of Government a. They governed rule themselves . Word of the leader is the Law c.Together. they formulate law (Ex: King and Sultanate) 3. One man rule was modified later . Practiced by nation with democratic form of government b. Discipline is attained through the process of fear d.Ruler was assisted by elders and intellectual .

Concept of Democratic Leadership a. Discipline is based on reasons. understanding.THEORY OF EFFECTIVE LEADESHIP 1.Process of their thinking b.Behavior of the governed . directing and governing . The art of Leading. and cooperation rendered by subordinates is affected by their ability to understand the reasons of WHY . Obedience respect. leaders together with people will formulate and execute the law d. and learning rather than by fear . People elect their leaders.LEADERSHIP c.

LEADERSHIP 2.Leaders set an example by respecting the RULES .Leaders must be consistent so that the execution of the rules will become a normal behavior . Effectiveness of rules and regulations formulated . Promoted by the abundant use and wise application of the following: .Customs and tradition of the land b.Moral virtue accepted . Acceptance of leader role by the subordinates. a.Execute the law without partiality .

LEADERSHIP .People .Compliance to an order is an utmost importance .Government . Survival depends on all efforts of the: .PERSON IN NEED OF LEADERSHIP TRAINING 1.Response will mean defeat or victory . all citizen need leadership training a. Practically. Everybody in the Military Service should practice effective a. Modern weapons may mean total annihilation b. During War or in Battle .Armed Forces 2.

3. Training of personnel .The success of accomplishing the mission depends on unified efforts. Government Officials a. Present state of national affair .Very dangerous to entrust the faiths of civilians to hand of leaders who are ignorant of the art leading .IMPORTANCE OF LEADERSHIP TRAINING 1.LEADERSHIP b. In science and industries a.Social unrest (the people is not contented with present authority . In accomplishing mission .Employ the assistance of the subordinates .Abuse of power can only be curved be self restraint or control .

Individual differences a. Importance of Leadership is an element to win the war .Insincere intention to correct mistakes b.Un-acceptance of shortcomings .WEAK POINTS OF NAVAL LEADERSHIP 1. Wide gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application .LEADERSHIP a. Management 2. Egoistic attitude . AFP to protect lives b. In Military Service a.

LEADERSHIP .Ability to reason.Lack of locally prepared leadership books . Insufficiency of reading materials . .Knowledge of the subject matter is less important . 2.Application of enough knowledge counts c. put off illicit acts for self preservation .Officers and PO¶s will look the other way rather than to correct a seaman. Rationalization .Fear of involvement of correcting others mistake .Officers and PO¶s admits that Leadership is easy to talk about but hard to apply.Most leadership books are US Manuals .

Depict foreign customs and traditions . Present generation needs new locally prepared publications .Rules and regulation differ from our own c. Practice learned are acquired by association .Not widely disseminated due to limited copies . Filipino must have to see their defects 3. Defective method of learning Leadership a.To suit Filipino temperament .LEADERSHIP . To progress steadily.Merge from our custom and tradition d.Written in line of our reasoning .

Lack of knowledge on supervision and good human relation . Superior learning so much on his position to attain this c. wrong attitude and anomalies if successfully pursued will be accepted based on this concept 4. Knowledge learned from actual practice alone is very dangerous . techniques employs either barbaric inhuman or persuasive has no significance b. Belief that in accomplishing mission. What has been a precedent is widely followed and accepted c. Improper application of leadership techniques a.Will undermine positive progress .Fraud.LEADERSHIP b.

e. Leadership is not a package or commodity supplies to a military man c. it is a wonder drug to take effect during stress. automatically becomes a leader b. Misleading concept of how to acquire leadership knowledge a. . Belief that when commissioned or promoted to PO.LEADERSHIP 5. Nor. Leadership is the product of physical and psychological complexities gained through experience and skillful training. Neither leadership is a power to a man by simple expediency or commission d.

SUMMARY: ‡ Development of Democratic Leadership ‡ Theory of Effective Leadership ‡ Person in Need of Leadership Training ‡ Importance of Leadership Training ‡ Weak Points of Naval Leadership .