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Gio Pabualan
Jerome Quitoriano
Ralf Placido
What is Anthropology?
It is the study of humans from their biological aspects.

Study of humans from its past and present, to

understand the complexity of cultures across all of
human history.

It is also the study of human genetics,bones and their

What is Anthropology?
Anthropologists also compare humans to other animals
like monkeys and chimpanzees.

Anthropologists look at how the past humans prepare

and hunt their preys and how they prepare them.

Anthropologists concerns on what makes us human

beings such as our physiology and evolution and social
aspects like culture and religion.
How it
How it started?
Anthropology is first attested in field of history.

Appeared in Renaissance Germany in the works of

Magnus Hundt and Otto Casmann.

Anthropologia(New latin) derived from the combining

froms of the greek words anthropos and logos
Fields of Anthropology
Study in manifold ways in which people make sense of
the world.

Understand other societies in terms of their own

cultural symbols and values.

Helps develop and understand social culture typically of

other populations.
It is the study of the human history through material

Examining the changes that have occured in human


Unlike history which based on written documents,

archaeology allows to look far back in time where
languages didnt even exist.
Linguistic Anthropology
Study of languages and how it influences social life.

Concerns of how many languages are there and how it

was distributed around the world.

Also concerns language variations and pronounciations

and what they mean.
Physical Anthropology
It is the study of evolution, human variation, genetics
and primatology.

Signifance of physical variation in modern


Th origin and adaptive value of technology.

Famous Anthropologists
Marcel Mauss
French sociologist he was called founder of modern
sociology. He was inspired by the idea of analysing
religions from a social perspective. He is known from
his theory the gift he explained that gifts are more
much more than an object it represents moral links
between people.
Margaret Mead
Margaret Mead is often regarded as the original rebel
anthropologist of the United States, her easy-to-follow
style of writing, controversial research regarding sex
and outspoken personality heightened her fame even
beyond the world of anthropology.
Franz Boas
He is known as the father of modern cultural
anthropology. Contributed to the establishment of an
anthropology department at columbia university. He
taught other great scientist like Margaret Mead. Unlike
some of his peers at the time, Boas conducted research
whilst considering the perspectives of other sciences,
including linguistics, ethnology and even statistics, and
spent time studying the Eskimos of the Canadian Arctic
and Native Americans along the northern Pacific coast.