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Please sign up for a conference

at the back table & complete
any forms on your childs desk.
Mrs Haag
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Attendance MATTERS at Durham!
Every day counts. Start to finish.


What is Chronic Absenteeism?
Regular attendance is missing 5% or less

At risk absenteeism is missing between 5%-10%

Chronic absenteeism is missing 10%-19%

Severe Chronic absenteeism is missing 20% or

more days
What are the numbers?
By the end of a childs 5th grade year chronic absenteeism is one of the three
signs that a student is at significant risk of dropping out of high school.
K-1 attendance is a major predictor of reading at grade level by 3rd

Of students who are chronically absent in K-1, only 17% were proficient
readers at the end of 3rd grade

Children with the worst attendance in Kindergarten continue to have the

worst attendance in 5th grade

By 9th grade, regular and high attendance is a better predictor if graduation

rates than 8th grade test scores.
What can you do?
make sure your child attends Durham regularly.
make sure your child is on time to school. Students who are late miss
critical instruction that is difficult to make up.
schedule doctors appointments and family vacations around school.
keep your child home if they are sickrunning a fever in the last 24
hours or vomiting; we dont want everyone sick.
call in your childs absence BEFORE 9:00AM if they are sick.
communicate regularly and clearly to your child the importance of
school and learning.
communicate with your childs teacher about your childs progress.
make sure your child has a regular place for homework or to read,
gets to bed early and has a good breakfast.
Keeping track of attendance at home
What are we doing at Durham?
School wide attendance competition
Classroom Recognition for 100% on-time attendance
Classroom reward for students arriving at school on
time, in the classroom by 8:10 am.
Working together we can achieve this!
Contact Info
If you need to contact me, the best
way is through email. My email is
my phone number is 503-431-4519
My Website
Brief overview of Curriculum
Math: Addition, Subtraction, Shapes, Missing
Addend, Telling Time, Money, Measurement
Writing: Opinion, Informative, Narrative
Reading: The focus is on increasing fluency &
comprehension skills.


Home Visits
Reading Groups
In first grade, students move to reading groups based on DIBELS test scores and teacher observations. These skill groups
are flexible and students may move from one class to another based on their abilities and improvement. Each class will
use the Journeys curriculum but will be tailored to best teach the specific skill levels.

Approaching group:

Mrs. Marx(503) 431-4541

Students will complete all grade level expectations with a strong focus on phonics. The curriculum is adjusted to meet the
unique needs of each student to ensure the best possible academic growth in reading. Lessons are designed to be highly
interactive with and increased level of small group instruction. The level of rigor will increase based on individual student

On-Level groups:
Mrs. Haag= (503) 431- 4519
Mrs. Sullivan(503) 431-4542
Students will focus on comprehension and vocabulary while completing all grade level expectations. We will continue to
work on phonics and reading fluency. As students progress through the year, challenge material will be provided.

Beyond group:
Mrs. Goddard(503) 431-4540
Students already have a strong foundation in phonemic awareness and phonics. Some of the curriculum will be completed
at a faster rate and /or a higher level of rigor. Challenge work is provided throughout the year. Some of the Journeys
material may be modified to provide a higher level of rigor. Students will focus on developing a broader understanding of
vocabulary and comprehension skills through writing.
Homework Folder:
This will be sent home on Mondays and returned on Fridays. It will
be labeled Homework. Reading is the primary homework. Your
child is expected to read to you at least 15 minutes EACH night.
This folder may also contain reading, writing, math or spelling work.
Your child needs to complete the work during the week then return
all homework in the folder at the end of each week.
Friday Folder:
This will be sent home on Fridays and returned on Mondays. It will
be labeled Friday Folder. This folder will contain the newsletter,
student work, and other announcements. Please review the
contents then return the empty folder on Monday.
**If the school week is shortened, then homework will be sent home
at the beginning of the week and is due the last day of the week.
Each student is expected to be safe, kind and responsible in our classroom. Students who follow these
expectations will earn gotchas that they can turn in for prizes. Students will get to use these Gotchas on
Gotcha Day once each quarter.

Consequences= Loss of a privilege. ( Walking School, lose Friday Fun,


I will also choose a Fantastic First Grader each week. To be chosen as the Fantastic First Grader, the
student must meet these criteria:
I am at school on time everyday.
I am safe, kind, and responsible.
I do quality work.
I have a clean workspace.
I am a caring friend.

The Fantastic First Grader will get these privileges:
Picture and name will be posted on the bulletin board in the hall.
A special seat cover at his/her desk.
A special seat on the carpet.
Gets to counts one banana for drinks.
Line supervisorgives a ticket to the quietest person in line.
Gets to choose a reward ticket or prize.
Gets to announce the next Fantastic First Grader.
Gets to eat lunch on stage with Mr. Boudreau!
Star of the week

Our first grade class will be celebrating a student

each week as the Star of the Week. As the
star, your student will get to display a poster
(which I will send home the Friday before) and
have a special seat in class. In addition, I will be
sending home a stuffed animal & Journal to
spend the week with your star student.
We will also be making a special book about your
star! I will keep that until the last week of
school. It will be fun for them to remember the
special week.
Weekly Newsletter
Every Friday I post a newsletter online. This
will contain information for the following
week. In this newsletter you will find updates
for each subject for that week, any upcoming
test dates or other important dates, sight
words for reading, and funny quotes from the
kiddos! It is incredibly important that you
read the newsletter, because it will help you
stay up-to-date on your child and what is
going on in the classroom.
8:00-8:10 Morning Work- Tardy Bell Rings @ 8:10
8:10- 8:25- Calendar/ Complete Morning Math Worksheet
8:30-10:00 Reading
10:00-10:45 Math
10:50-11:25 Recess/Lunch- Lunch Begins at 11:10
11:30-12:00 - ELD
12:00-12:15- Calendar/Storytime
12:15-12:45- Reading Interventions/ Homeroom
12:45-1:05- Homeroom
1:05-1:20- Second Recess/ Snack outside if child brings one
1:25-1:55- Specials ( PE/Music)
2:00-2:25- Homeroom
2:30- Dismissal
Volunteers Needed:
( Background Check Required)
Reading Block Superheroes 8:30-10:00
Mathematicians 10:00-10:50
Art Literacy Specialist
This fabulous volunteer would:
Attend a monthly class to learn about the spotlighted artist.
Schedule class time to teach an art project.
Show up with an infectious smile to teach the project.
Clean up after the messy art project.
Worker Bees
It takes a lot of worker bees for a successful classroom. I need volunteers who are able
Stuff Friday Folders. (This is done the last day of the school week.)
Stuff Homework folders. (This is done the first day of the school week.)
Do prep work for activities.
Design and hang up bulletin boards.
Correct papers.
Organize and supervise at class parties.
Sort papers and piles.
-Wish List