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A Study in Scarlet

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle


sir Arthur Conan Doyle
basic info about the book
main events
main thoughts, my opinion,
language and recommedation
vocabulary + reading
Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Scottish writer and physician
father alcoholic
at the age of 9 shipped to Jezuit
spiritualist mystic
1876 - 1881 University of Edinburgh
Medical School
creator of Sherlock Holmes 1886
football- goalkeeper
5 children
Study in Scarlet

published in 1887
detective mystery novel
Doyle signed away all his rights for 25 in 1886
first Sherlock Holmes story
two parts:
1. The reminiscences of Watson
2. The Country of the Saints
followed by The Sign of the Four in 1890
magnifying glass used as an investigative tool
Sherlock Holmes
brilliant, eccentric, observant, moody, arrogant
talented violin player, educated
detective consultant
Dr. John Watson
rational, calm, steadfast (= loyal)
military doctor with injured arm
detective from Scotland Yard
lean, ferret-like man, furtive (= secretive, sly)
Basic plot

first novel about Sherlock Holmes
Part I:
introduction of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson
dead body in abandoned house
another dead body found with pills
Part II:
told from third persons point of view
America, Utah
explains relationships between dead bodies and
back story of the murderer
Main events

Part I. :
Sherlock meets Watson
Watson founds out that Sherlock is consultant
dead body in abandoned house
sign Rache and engagement ring
second death pills in the room poison
Sherlock founds out the identity the murderer

Part II. :
John Ferrier and his daughter Lucy
discovered by group of people called Brigham Young
Strangerson (2nd dead body) killed Ferrier
Lucy forced to marry Drebber (1st dead body)
dies from broken heart
Holmes explains his solution
Main Thoughts and Opinion

attack on organized religion Mormons
inspiration for:
Agatha Christie Hercule Poirot
Sherlock Study in Pink
successful revenge for loved ones
good image state of politics, criminal science, law enforcement of
19th century UK

well-written, entertaining, first part more interesting, good

Id recommend this book to everyone who enjoys detective stories,
London in 19th century, dry humor.

frequent use of anarchism and dialogs
long descriptions of surroundings
part I first-person narrative
part II third- person narrative

infer deduce or conclude something from evidence
acquired learn or develop (a skill, habit or quality)
enquirer someone who asks a quiestion
distinguish recognice or point out the difference
puerile childish, silly, immature
ineffable inexpressible,
twaddle foolish speech or writing, nonsense
lounger - a person spending their time lazily
seclusion state of being private and away from others
swiftly- happening quickly or promply ( = immediately)
haggard looking exhausted and unwell
Vocabulary - czech

infer usoudit, odvodit
acquired - zskat (schopnost, zlozvyk)
enquirer - tazatel
distinguish rozliovat
puerile infantiln, dtsk
ineffable - nevslovn
twaddle vst, kec
lounger - povale
seclusion - odlouen
swiftly rychle, okamit
haggard - vyerpan, ztrhan