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Nursing Research

Adame Erika Joy

Anatalio Kristina
Aover Althea Venus
Arada Guinevere
Balite Renz
How did you become a Researcher?
In nursing profession, there are plenty of
things to research on so from my student life
before, I researched about the existence of
microorganisms among children especially on
how they GET these microorganism from hand
to mouth. In my masteral degree, I researched
about the occurrence and prevention of
pressure ulcers. And in my PhD, I researched
about the 3 phases of surgical procedure, so
that's how I started doing research.
How hard it is to be a Researcher?
Research work is very difficult because you
have to solve a problem, so looking for
something to be researched is significant to
have a good result. It's hard because you will
look for respondents in your research some of
those respondents might not cooperate,
affecting your research process that you,
students, will know and understand in your
nursing research.
What is the difference of Nursing
Research to other research?
Actually, all research are the same , it only
differ on the title that you specialize that you
want to solve from a specific problem.
Hows do you first approach doing a
In your of specialization, if you are already a
nurse you I should have to know more about
nursing care so I have to formulate first a
problem to be researched. If you found a
problem that you think you can help through
it, in research you have to look a solution for it
by conducting research.
What are the challenges and key elements
that you encounter whenever you conduct
a research?
In research, challenges are called
impediment, difficulties you will encounter
in doing a research. If you go to a certain
place, you have to get permission first from
the respondents, some of them will not
cooperate and will not answer questions
asked so gathering data is the problem.
What are the key factors in writing a
You must first consider your title, you cannot
write a thesis if you dont have a title first.
Also, expenses and time are factors in doing
the research.
How important is time management in
doing a research?
That is the very important one, in all research
time should be certain. If conducting research,
like for just 6 months, you should get done
with it for 6 months. Determination is
accomplishing the research also plays an
important role is maximizing time provided to
Was there a time you felt like giving
We cannot avoid that, plenty of time I thought
of that. I sometimes say to myself Im tired
already feeling of giving up but its a calling in
your profession to finish the research and its
a waste of time and expenses if you will not
finish it.
What advise can you give to us now
that we are going to conduct our own
First thing, cooperation of the members and be
a group. Formulate a problem in the field of
nursing and the unity of the group. Choose a
researcheable topic that can be a big help to
our profession and cherish the experience in
doing research.