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Introduction to Sales

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Evolution of Sales Management
Before Industrial revolution, small scale
manufacturers influenced the economy.
After, 1760 AD, large scale manufacturers
started dominating.
Need to expand the market
Separate functional departments like
manufacturing, finance and sales were

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Evolution of Sales Management
Active involvement of distribution channels
(Wholesalers & retailers)
Complex marketing function
Marketing function was split in to Sales fn. &
support fn. (promotion, research, logistics,
Sales department generates revenue

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Marketing Organization Structure

Head -

Manager - Manager Manager -
Manager - Sales Customer
Promotion Market Research Logistics

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Sales Management
According to American Marketing Association
Sales Management means the planning,
direction and control of personal selling,
including recruiting, selecting, equipping,
assigning, routing, supervising, paying and
motivating as these tasks apply to the personal
sales force.

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Nature of Sales Management
i. Integration with Marketing Management
ii. Relationship Selling
iii. Varying sales responsibilities

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i. Integration with Marketing
Sales management is a part of marketing
Field sales team: In territories, contacting
existing and prospective customers
Headquarter team: Performs support and
service functions to assist sales people.
(Promotion, Market research, Logistics,
Customer service and coordination)

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ii. Relationship Selling
Relationship is an exchange
Transactional Obtaining & offering
Creation of customer loyalty
Customers classified as
A/B/C as per sales & profit
Value Added potential
Lower costs and add value
Satisfying current needs and
understanding future needs

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Importance of Sales Management
1. Most exciting
2. Highly financially rewarding
3. Challenging careers
4. Fastest & surest route to top management
5. Only function to generate revenue
6. Directly impacts the bottom line or net profit

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Roles of a Sales Manager
1. Strategic role in the company with key inputs long
term strategic plans, forecasting, sales force
management, evolving strategies, controlling budget.
2. Member of corporate team to ensure organizational
objectives customer satisfaction, sales growth &
market share
3. Team leader to achieve sales goals & profits
4. Managing multiple sales channels personal selling,
electronic and telemarketing
5. Latest CRM technologies
6. Continually understand changes in environment and
update strategies
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Skills of Sales Manager
1. People Skills Motivate, lead, communicate
and coordinate effectively with team building
2. Managing Skills Administrative skills like
planning, organizing, controlling and decision
3. Technical skills Training, selling, negotiating,
problem-solving and CRM skills

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Sales Management positions
1. Strategic: [President; V.P;
National sales head] Long
Strategic / term sales planning,
Top environment scanning,
strategy formulation, control
2. Tactical: [Regional sales
Tactical / head; Zonal sales manager]
Middle Manage regions, implement
3. Operational: [Branch / Area
sales managers] Achieve
sales goals, supervising sales
Operational / First force, implement rules

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Sales Objectives, Strategies & Tactics
Objectives: Statement
of intent, quantified to
measurable targets w.r.t
time periods
Strategies: Ways of
Decide Develop Evolve
Objectives Strategies Tactics
achieving objectives
Tactics: Action plans or
activities to be carried
out to implement

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Example: Objectives, Strategies, Tactics

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Emerging trends in Sales Management
1. Global perspective
2. Revolution in technology
3. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
4. Sales force diversity
5. Team selling approach
6. Managing multi channels
7. Ethical & social issues
8. E-selling

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