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The Human Resource Department

Presented by:
Rinalyn Espiritu
Donna Mae Gramatica
Princess Flores
The Human Resource
The Human Resource department (HR department) of an
organization performs human resource management , overseeing
various aspects of employment , such as compliance with labor law
and employment standards, administration of employee benefits ,
and some aspects of recruitment and dismissal.
In HR department, the human resource managers are the
responsible to plan, direct, and coordinate the administrative
functions of an organization. They oversee the recruiting,
interviewing, and hiring of new staff; consult with top executives on
strategic planning; and serve as a link between an organization's
management and its employees. The said managers used the
staffing process. In fact, staffing is a process of hiring or positioning
in an organization.
Several Function Of HR
Determine needs of the staff. Ensure high performance.
Manage employee payroll,
Determine to use temporary
benefits and compensation
staff or hire employees to fill
these needs Ensure equal opportunities
Recruit and train the best Deal with discrimination
employees Deal with performance issues
Supervise the work. Manage Ensure that human resources
employee relations, unions practices conform to various
and collective bargaining regulations
Prepare employee records and Push the employees'
personal policies motivation.
Typical functions of a human
resources department according to
Thompson (2006)
Management development and
Keeping management focused on
their job
Hire strategically, hire right
Different Views About
Hiring an Applicants
by an HR Manager
Personal View
HR Manager sometimes has
considerations when it comes about hiring
an employee for the company. One among
the consideration is the relationship to the
applicant. When the applicant is one of the
relatives of the HR manager, theres a big
possibility that the HR manager will hire
the applicant.
Local View

The HR managers in Philippines

considered the interview process wherein
the HR manager asked the applicants
about the educational background,
experience and references.
The ASEAN countries consideration about
hiring an applicant in the company depends
upon the job that they are hiring for. If the
applicants are applying for a job that needs a
skill such as carpenter, construction worker,
caregiver etc. the HR manager consider the
background experience and skill. If the
applicants are applying for a professional job,
the HR manager consider the background
education, background experience and skills of
the applicants.
International View
The ideal candidate for an overseas work normally
has the following characteristics:
Managerial competence: technical skills, leadership
skills, knowledge specific to the company operations.
Training: The candidate either has or is willing to be
trained on the language and culture of the host country.
Adaptability: The ability to deal with new, uncomfortable,
or unfamiliar situations and the ability to adjust to the
culture in which the candidate will be assigned.
These are an additional competencies
(besides the skills needed for the job) may
be considered:
Experience working internationally
Stress tolerance
Language skills
Cultural experiences