Conversational Phrases

Greeting Someone
Sunday, August 15, 2010 Jayavelu 2

y y y y y

Hello, how do you do? Hi, nice to see you Good morning (as per the part of the day) Pleased to meet you after a long time Glad to meet you.

Greeting Someone
Sunday, August 15, 2010 Jayavelu 3

Introductions Sunday. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 4 .

? This is Mr. Let me introduce my friend Lenin to you.y y y y May I introduce myself as . Please. . 2010 Jayavelu 5 . . August 15. . meet my friend a . . Introductions Sunday.. or Miss.

Starting a conversation with a stranger Sunday. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 6 .

I beg your pardon.y y y Excuse me. Hello! Starting a conversation with a stranger Sunday. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 7 .

Making Request
Sunday, August 15, 2010 Jayavelu 8

y y y y

Could you lend me your pen, please? If you dond t mind, could you please lend me your bike? Do you mind posting this letter? Would you mind giving me some money

Making Request
Sunday, August 15, 2010 Jayavelu 9

Offering Help
Sunday, August 15, 2010 Jayavelu 10

y y y y y What can I do for you? May I help you? Can I help you? Could I help you? Let me do what I can. Offering Help Sunday. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 11 .

August 15.Seeking Permission & Responses Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 12 .

you can t Idm afraid itd s not permitted. 2010 Jayavelu 13 . sir? Could I come in. Seeking Permission & Responses Sunday. August 15. Ma m? Of course I am sorry.y y y y Can I use your telephone? Can I leave early today? May I come in.

2010 Jayavelu 14 .Complimenting Sunday. August 15.

y y y y y Congrats! (Short form of congratulations) Well done! How nice! Great! Keep it up! Complimenting Sunday. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 15 .

August 15.Agreeing with an idea Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 16 .

o Agreeing with an idea Sunday. Exactly.K. August 15.). I d agree.y y y y Thatds good (O. 2010 Jayavelu 17 . Thatds right. .

2010 Jayavelu 18 .Showing Surprise Sunday. August 15.

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 19 .y y y Is it true? Really! What a surprise visit! Showing Surprise Sunday.

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 20 .Warning Sunday.

Beware. August 15. Be careful. Warning Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 21 .y y y y y Watch out. I warn you. This is the first and last warning for you.

2010 Jayavelu 22 . August 15.Sympathizing Sunday.

Sympathizing Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 23 .y y y How unfortunate! I know how you will feel. August 15. Idm sorry to hear such a bad news.

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 24 .Apologizing Sunday.

Apologizing Sunday. August 15. I am extremely sorry for the inability to come.y y y y y Idm really sorry. Pardon me. Please forgive me. 2010 Jayavelu 25 . . . . It was foolish of me . .

Response to apology Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 26 . August 15.

Itds all right. It doesnd t matter. Letds forget the whole thing. Please. 2010 Jayavelu 27 . Response to apology Sunday.y y y y y Dondt worry about that. August 15. close the chapter.

Asking for advice Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 28 . August 15.

? Asking for advice Sunday.y y y What shall I do after B. 2010 Jayavelu 29 .? Could you please tell me what to do? Would you advise me . August 15. .Sc.

Response to advice Sunday. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 30 .

August 15.S. Response to advice Sunday. ea In my opinion.y y y y y Why dondt you try for I. 2010 Jayavelu 31 .? It wouldbe a goodid if you join M. You better not continue your stud ies.Sc.A. you shouldstart a business. You hadbetter join a company.

Reminding Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 32 . August 15.

August 15. Reminding Sunday.y y y Dondt forget to d letters. 2010 Jayavelu 33 . rop Remember. Make sure.

Making complaint Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 34 . August 15.

I am afraid I have a complaint to make . . Making complaint Sunday. . August 15. . Idm sorry to tell you about your son. 2010 Jayavelu 35 .y y y Idm sorry to bring to your notice . . .

2010 Jayavelu 36 . August 15.Offering suggestion Sunday.

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 37 . ? Would you permit me to offer my suggestion? Why dondt you ad vise him? Shall we buy a bus for our college? Offering suggestion Sunday.y y y y May I suggest to you . .

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 38 .Interruption Sunday.

I have to attend to a phone call. Sorry for disturbing you. Would you excuse me for a moment? Excuse me. sir.y y y y y y y y Excuse me. Pardon me for asking. August 15. Interruption Sunday. Sorry for the disturbance. 2010 Jayavelu 39 . Sir. Sorry to interrupt you. Sorry to trouble you. Sir.

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 40 .Asking opinion Sunday.

2010 Jayavelu 41 .y y y What is your opinion about our college? Do you think that we should buy a bus? What do you feel about our course? Asking opinion Sunday. August 15.

. I have no id ea.y y y y y y y y y No comments Nothing to say I dondt want to say anything. In my opinion. it is not necessary. I d ondt want to create problems. Well. I d ondt know anything. As far as I am concerned it is good . I am afraidI candt express my opinion. Response to opinions Sunday. Well. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 42 .

2010 Jayavelu 43 . August 15.Wishing Sunday.

y y y y y y y All the best Good luck. Have a nice time. 2010 Jayavelu 44 . Many. August 15. Have a nice journey. Many happy returns of the day Wishing Sunday. Wish you a happy birthday. Wish you a happy married life.

Thanking Sunday. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 45 .

I owe you much. 2010 Jayavelu 46 . Itds very kind of you. Thanks a lot. Thanking Sunday. August 15.y y y y Thank you.

2010 Jayavelu 47 .Response to thanks Sunday. August 15.

2010 Jayavelu 48 . August 15. No mention. Response to thanks Sunday.y y y Welcome! Itds all right.

August 15.Parting Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 49 .

See you later. See you guys Parting Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 50 . August 15.y y y y y Good-bye! Good night! See you then.

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 51 .Expressing feeling Sunday.

2010 Jayavelu 52 . August 15.y y y y y Itds great I love the rain Itds terrible Itds driving me mad Itd s marvelous Expressing feeling Sunday.

Response to the questions Sunday. 2010 Jayavelu 53 . August 15.

August 15. I think so. No. 2010 Jayavelu 54 . Response to the questions Sunday. I am sure. I am not sure.y y y Yes.

Phase II Sunday. August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 55 .

. Id m fr id I just dond t like I just c nd t st nd I just love I h te I just re lly like I think th t In my view I would rgue th t It seems to me th t Sunday.Sentence starters y y y y y y y y y Recognizing feelings y y y y I feel very strongly thata Idm r ther concerned bout Id m r ther worried bout It m kes me feel bit. August 15.. 2010 Jayavelu 56 .

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 57 .y y y y y y y y y y What do you suggest? What would you like to suggest? What is your suggestion? What is your point of view? How do you feel? What do you think of it? What is your view? Kindly suggest something on it Your suggestion is solicited I welcome your suggestion y y y y y y y y Suggestions are invited Suggestions are to be made Kindly put forth your proposition What is your proposal? Propose your plan of action Action plans are sought for Offer your recommendations Render valuable suggestions Soliciting suggestion Sunday.

it is better to You had better consider It would be better to think of Expressions of suggestions Sunday.y y y y y y y y y y I suggest that I would suggest that We should My suggestion is that It is recommended that My recommendation is that What I recommend is It should be considered that It is essential that There is no way but to y y y y y y y The solution can be It is proposed that I would like to propose It may be taken into account I think. 2010 Jayavelu 58 . August 15.

August 15. please Kindly put forth your ideas Kindly render your opinion What is your belief What do you believe Would you like to accept Do you have anything to say Asking opinions Sunday.y y y y y y What do you feel about this What is your opinion Do you have any strong view of that Do you have anything to opine What your opinion regarding this What is the general feeling y y y y y y y y Do you have any comments Any comments. 2010 Jayavelu 59 .

y y y y y y y y y y I have no doubt that. I am pretty sure thata I m quite convinced th t It is perfectly cle r to me th t I m sure th t There is no doubt th t I strongly believe th t As f r s I m concerned I m tot lly convinced th t I think th t / I feel th t /I believe th t y y y y y y y y y y y y y From soci l point of view The w y I find it is th t As I see it As I find it In my opinion In my point of view Wh t I would like to convey I m of the view th t I opine th t I like to suggest As my suggestion The w y I see it Person lly I think Expressions of giving opinions Sunday.. 2010 Jayavelu 60 . August 15.

August 15. 2010 Jayavelu 61 .y y y y y y y y y y I strongly agree I quite agree I completely agree I agree I am in complete agreement Of course. yes Certainly Definitely Exactly Thatds fine y y y y y y y y y y y I think you are right I appreciate your point It is appreciated I have the same opinion What you said is correct I like to consent your view I offer my consent for the point stated I do agree I hope your point is valid I am convinced with your statement I am persuaded by what you suggested Expressions of agreement Sunday.

2010 Jayavelu 62 . August 15.y y y y y y y y y y I strongly disagree I quite disagree I completely disagree I disagree I am in complete disagreement I think you are mistaken I beg to differ with your suggestion I would like to differ I have a different point of view I have a difference of opinion y y y y y y y My opinion varies from yours Your point seems to be inconsistent I would like to contradict with your view I am of the opposite view Your observation may be challenged with mine As a refutation. I would like to focus I have a reversal of your opinion Expressions of disagreement Sunday.

Supporting ideas y y y y y y Rejections y y y y y y y y I am sure that is the best option I strong favour this It is an excellent idea That is a great idea Its sounds great Its great It is not feasible It is not possible It is not acceptable I find it unacceptable I am afraid I candt accept I tendto think it is not possible I am sorry it is not practical Though I appreciate your point of view. 2010 Jayavelu 63 . it is quite impossible Sunday. August 15.

2010 Jayavelu 64 .Thank You Sunday. August 15.

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