Facility/Plant Layout

Plant Layout is most effective arrangement of machines, processing equipment and service departments to have the best co-ordination & efficiency of man, machine and material in a plant


For a factory which is already in operation what is Facility layout ?

Factors affecting Layout      Types of industries Types of Production system Job shop production Type of product Volume of production .

milk products  Extractive process based Eg : Bauxite Al . Sugarcane juice Jaggery.Types of industries Synthetic process based Eg: Limestone + clay Cement  Analytic process based Eg : Crude oil petroleum products  Conditioning process based Eg :Jute products. sugar  .

. labor-intense Pdts.  . low volume. space vehicles. Interrupted pdt flow Space aircrafts.Types of production system  Continuous production Std. Pdts made to store in inventory Continuous product flow Leaf springs Job shop production Made to order. high volume. capital intensive Pdts.

Product is heavy or light. furniture . plastic molding.Types of production system Batch Production medium volume of same type of item or pdt May be produced once or on regular interval Generally Plant capacity > demand General purpose machine but having production rate Industrial equipt.  Type of pdt. liquid or solid  . large or small.

Types of Layout  Fixed position Layout Major part of pdt remains in fixed space Limited space Different material at different stages Volume required is huge Ship building industry .

steel. etc. refrigerators.Types of Layout       Process or Function Layout Low volume . Product Layout Flow of material unidirectionally Backtracking avoided Automobiles. etc. cement etc. sugar . nursing beds. Different sequence of operations Eg : patients Radiology. high variety prodn All machines/eqpts of same type are grouped in one section or area All drilling machines.     .

Types of Layout       Retail Layout Many products are exposed to customer Dairy pdts on oneside of supermkt &backery pdts on another. Spatial layout & functionality Warehousing & Storage layout Optimise handling cost & cost of warehouse space . temperature. Objective profitability maximization Slotting manufactures have to pay fees for positioning Services -> Ambient conditions like lightning. smell.   . sound.

laptop computers Virtual companies require few employee . Internet.Combination Layout   Process + Product Layout Office Layout Information more important Technology ± cellular phones. space utilisation.

Timing . Cross docking Avoid placing of materials. Route. Supporting activites. Supporting activities. supplies in storage by processing them as received SLP Collect Data abt Current & forecasted prodn units PQRST Product.

indicating movements from and to any combination of a given set of locations. It is a variation on the Check Sheet. A Travel Chart is a simple table that is useful where there are multiple (and possibly irregular) movement between places. .

Gant Charts (Sequencing Technique)    How each machine /work centre is planned for different job orders Scheduled start & finish times Word document .

LOB (Sequencing Technique) .

Time ± X)  Find deviation . take corrective action  If possible take preventive measures  Forecast future performance  .LOB Compare scheduled v/s Actual Units with period (Units ± Y.

go through two operations: Preparation & Finishing at the respective two places& in that order.Johnson¶s Rule   Maiden Charm(Un) ltd beauty Pdts. The operation times at these work.centres are given below: How should the above items be sequenced so that the total completion time is minimized ? Preparation hrs 1 4 5 2 Finishing Hrs Beauty Pdts\hrs Baby Blue Virgin White Shy Pink Daring Purple 3 2 4 5 .

Use of computers for Scheduling   Computers /software are required for Production Analysis PPC software. SAP/ERP .

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