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One question for all teams

Any team member can raise the paddle

First team to raise the paddle has a chance to answer
the question
Judges are to tell whose turn it is
Hesitation, delay or partners help after raising your
paddle will make you loose that chance
If your answer is correct you score a point for your
team. Other ways the next team has a chance


FINAL 10 3

UNTIE (if needed) 1 sudden

The most known symbol of the cold war
Vietnam War Berlin Wall

Korean War Missiles Crisis

What year was the Great Depression?

2011 1929

1912 1945
Which of the continents is dominated
by polar climate?
Asia Oceania

Antarctic Africa
What culture established
by the Nile river?

Greek Arabian

Egyptian Roman
What culture established
by the Nile river?

Greek Arabian

Egyptian Roman
What grammar tense is the sentence
Will Smith has been producing movies

Future Simple Past Perfect

Present Perfect Future Perfect

What was the capital city of
the Western Roman Empire?

Rome Athens

Constantinople Cairo
What were called the sons of Spanish
with American Indians?
Mestizos Criollos

Zambos Mulatos
What number is MCMXCIX?

1999 1909

1919 1989
Colombia limits with Venezuela by the:

North East

South West
In Colombia, temperature varies
according to:
Rays Bioclimatic Levels

Rain Aquifers
The auxiliary verb for continuous or
progressive grammar tenses is:
Verb to do Verb to be

Verb to have Verb to can

In which continent did the
human being appear?
Africa Asia

America Europe
The Big Bang theory enunciates?

A great implosion Planet just come out of


A great explosion Sun orbits around

There are two kinds of transportation of
substances in the cells, and those are:
Active and energetic Quiet and passive

Active and passive Happy and sad

The biological process through which a species
creates new organisms is called?

Transduction Photosynthesis

Reproduction Substances exchange

The auxiliary verb for simple
grammar tenses is:

Verb to get Verb to be

Verb to do Verb to have