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Which can be controlled by the steering wheel. in which all the four wheels can be rotated about 90 degree in both the direction i. as this can be achieved without actually changing the whole body of the vehicle and can be used in parallel parking. When leaver is closed the car wheels are in normal position and when the leaver is open the wheels are rotated in 90 degree. This is also come very handy in traffic as it needs almost zero turning radius. Here. In our project we have given the suspension system to comfort the passenger. This can be very useful in case of low parking space and when time is of essences . left and right side of driver. . This is very easy to handle and to repair.ABSTRACTS In our project we are making a four wheel steering mechanism. we have used a lever. by this leaver we can operate the wheel.e. This is used in only four wheeler vehicle. It is also very convenient when we want to move the vehicle laterally.

Wheel 4. Linkage 3.CONSTRUCTION CRAB WHEEL DRIVE STEERING MECHANISM It mainly consist of following five parts 1. Frame . Sprocket 5. Steering 2.

without producing unwanted deflection or distortion. . FRAME It is a main supporting structure of a vehicle to which all the components are attached. The main functions of a frame in motor vehicles are: To support the vehicle's mechanical components and body To deal with static and dynamic loads.

Shows Rack and pinion steering mechanism: 1 steering wheel 2 steering column 3 rack and pinion 4 tie rod 5 kingpin . which allows any vehicle to follow the desired course. Fig. linkages. The primary purpose of the steering system is to allow the driver to guide the vehicle. etc. STEERING Steering is the collection of components.

. cars. tracked vehicles. and other machinery either to transmit rotary motion between two shafts. motorcycles.SPROCKET Sprockets are used in bicycles.

.All the above parts are connected together to form mechanism As shown in fig.

WORKING They can be operated in the following manner: Steering is to be operated manually Force is apply on steering Steering force is then apply on wheel by means of chain and sprocket which rotate the wheel .

ADVANTAGES Less space to park a car .

Smaller turning radius .

Side driving is possible .

It required Less time for parking Vehicle straight line stability at high speed is improved .

DISADVANTAGES  Can not use in heavy vehicles like truck  Maintenance cost is high  Accident may occur while side driving  Power transmission is complicated .

Application  Parallel parking can be done Side driving can be done Used in car or small vehicle It can be used in industrial vehicle with lesser space for mobility .

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