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Liber Ferney Paramo Manrique

We could say that the windshield wiper does not

have a father inventor, but has father and mother.
The mother of the invention
In 1904 Anderson approached the New York patent office and inscribed
a rotating arm system with a rubber blade on its blade, which rested on
the windshield and was handled from the inside of the vehicle with a
hand lever. This invention was patented as "Rotating Arm to Clear the
Windshield". The patent was published in 1905 and although similar
devices had been patented years ago, Mary's was the only one that
effectively worked and could be replicated at low cost for mass
The father of the invention
was 50 years before Anderson's mechanical arm again became
controversial. In 1964 the American engineer Robert Kearns invented and
patented a decisive improvement, the intermittent wipers. According to his
analysis as an inventor, the need to pause the wiping frequency of the
wiper was due to the fact that the continuous movement made the driver
difficult to be visually difficult. This small 4-second pause he designed
mimicked the blink of an eye and relaxed the driver.In this image you can
see a timeline where Ford recognizes both the legacy of Mary Anderson
and that of Robert Kearns in the development and inventiveness of this
product essential in today's vehicles
o Inventons-Passive voice.

o Hourglass traffic light was invented to prevent accidents and to make drivers aware of driving
within speed limits

o To Use all the content in toothpaste, tootpaste squeezer have been invented. With this
invention save on buying this product.

o Onion older was invented for persons who loves cooking but they are afraid of being cut with
a knife

o Easy to pack shoes have been invented to save space in your bags when youre going to

o Pizza scissor was invented to cut your home made pizza in te portion that you want.
o Inventons-Passive voice.

spaguetti fork was designed for those persons who loves eating spaguettis. Its different design
makes eating spaguetti an experience of another world

Board Mirror was created to save space in small apartments. has an ironing table and a mirror

Ice cream lock have been invented for that other persons dont eat the content of your ice

Citrus spitzer was developed to obtain the propper quantity of citrus from lemon and oranges.

Faucet Thermometer was designed to maintain the proper temperature from hot water