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Khaleela Syauna Binti Ahmad Nadzri
Amira Qasrina Binti Mohd Arif
Nur Naajla Binti Abu Ismail
Nur Amelia Wati Binti Md Nasir
Prepositions are words that show the
relationship between a noun or a pronoun
and some other word or element in the rest of
the sentences.
Prepositions are the words that indicate
location. Usually, prepositions show this
location in the physical world.
until at

across to

into with
Examples of

on above

towards beside

over between
Prepositions for time

Prepositions for place

Prepositions for direction

Preposition for agent

Preposition for instruments

Preposition Phrase
Preposition for Time
These prepositions are used to refer to time in various aspects. Examples : at, on, in.
Prepositions Function Time Nature
In Use for general 1. Months or Years
time nature e.g. in March, in 2005
2. Particular time of a day or a month or a year
e.g. in evening, in the third week of April
3. A century or specific time in past or future
e.g. in the twentieth century, in early days
On Use for 1. A Day
particular day e.g. on Sunday
or date 2. Date
e.g. on February 7
3. Particular days
e.g. on my birthday, on the independence day
At Use for specific 1. Time of a clock
time e.g. at 3 oclock
2. Short and precise time
e.g. at night, at bed
Example of sentences
She was born in 1986.
His father died in 2005 in a car accident.
I was very happy on the first day of my job.
We went to see glaciers in the summer.
The party will start at 8 p.m.
They will come here on 15th February.
Everyone takes breakfast in the morning.
Preposition for Place
These prepositions are used for several of types of place. Examples : under, beside, from.
Prepositions Function Nature of the Places
In Use for place Examples :
having some In a room
(physical or In a garden
virtual) In England
In the car
On Located at the Examples :
surface of On the table
things On a wall
On the roof
On the map
At Use for specific Examples :
places At the bus stop of Tapah Road
At the entrance of gate 7
At the bottom of my glass
At the edge of the red roof
Example of sentences
They live in England.
They placed their books on a table.
I met him at the bus stop of Tapah Road.
She waited for her kids at the gate of her home.
There is a cat under the table.
They were running on the road.
Prepositions for Direction
These prepositions express the direction of something. Examples : into, to, through,

Prepositions Examples of sentences

to They are going to the classroom.

towards The snake was coming towards her.

above The milk is above the soda in the refrigerator.

across My friend lives across the street from me.

into He threw a ball into a river.

down The boy tumbled down the hill.

between The ring fell between the couch and cushions.

Preposition of Agent
These prepositions are used to express a casual relationship between the noun (doer)
and an action. Examples : by, with, etc.

Prepositions Examples of sentences

by This book is written by Shakespeare.

A lot of noise was made by the kids.
The task was finished by him.
Ten years have gone by.
with He trembled with fear
She graduated with honors.
Lisa is writing with her blue pen.
Im going to Paris next week with my wife.
Preposition for Instrument,
Devices, or Machines
Such prepositions are used for joining nouns (instruments, devices, machines, etc) to
other words in the sentences. Examples : on, by, with the help of, etc.

Prepositions Examples of sentences

by He went to home by a car.

She comes by bus daily.

with This lock cannot be opened with the key.
She watered the plants with the help of a water
He broke the wall with a hammer.
Prepositional Verb
What is Prepositional Verb ?

A preposition verb is a combination of a verb and a

preposition. It is simply a verb followed by a
Some verbs require specific prepositions to be used
after them in a sentence. The combination of such a
verb and its required preposition is called a
prepositional verb.


Example of sentences :

She is writing on a paper.

Kids were dancing in a room.
He is listening to music.
Someone is knocking at the door.
We believe in God.
She is waiting for him.
Using correct preposition in a prepositional-
verb is very important. A sentence, having a
wrong preposition, is grammatically not

He is knocking on the door. WRONG
He is knocking at the door. CORRECT
Prepositional verbs must have an object in the
sentence. The object comes directly after the
preposition of the prepositional-verb.

She is suffering from fever.
She is looking at the black-board.
The dog is barking at a stranger.