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Healthy Campus Initiative

Recreation, Fitness, Sport

Associated Students of Michigan State University

September 21, 2017
Healthy Campus Initiative

Share projects identified for $35M allocation in support of the Healthy Campus
Initiative and efforts to date. Gather input from ASMSU on the priority order of those
Healthy Campus Initiative

Guiding Principles
Create and support a university wide culture of health and wellness. This encompasses
all aspects of health and wellness, ranging from mental and emotional to physical

Create a range of options that utilize the campus, both indoors and outdoors, in
traditional and non-traditional ways.

Support opportunities to increase movement, recreation, and fitness for MSU students,
staff and faculty.

Develop a broad-based approach to providing enhanced recreation and fitness


Build a healthier campus community by encouraging and maximizing collaboration

among university groups and organizations that promote health and wellness.

Build strategic partnerships and investments, internally and externally, that leverage
and create opportunities, and maximize allocation of resources.

Create a framework that guides concepts and plans for investment in health and
wellness, including fitness, recreation and sport.
Healthy Campus Initiative

Efforts to Date

IM West Window Murals

IM West Painting
Healthy Campus Initiative

Efforts to Date

IM Circle
Healthy Campus Initiative Framework

Efforts to Date
Olin Health Center CAPS

Entry Corridor Psychiatrist Office

Waiting Area Counselor Office

Healthy Campus Initiative

Efforts to Date

Peoples Park
Chairs on the lawn
Healthy Campus Initiative

Healthy Campus Initiative Allocation: $27.4 million available
Demonstration Hall (Ph.1) Multi-use court renovations
IM East (Ph.1) Gym and track renovations
IM West (Ph.1) Turf arena renovations
Service Road Fields, Synthetic Turf
IM Circle Convert former pool to multi-purpose space

Tentative Schedule
Board of Trustee Step 2 Authorization to Proceed - February 16, 2018
Duration for Planning, Design, Construction: 8 10 months
Demonstration Hall (Ph.1)
IM East (Ph.1)
IM West (Ph.2)
IM Fields Service Road

Board of Trustee Step 2 Authorization to Proceed - September 7, 2018

Duration for Planning Design & Construction : 18 21 Months
IM Circle (Phase 1)
Healthy Campus Initiative Framework

Building/Field Locations
Healthy Campus Initiative

Demonstration Hall (Phase 1)

Area of Work Existing Condition

Healthy Campus Initiative

IM East (Phase 1)
Area of Work

Existing Condition
Healthy Campus Initiative

Area of Work IM West (Phase 1)

Existing Condition
Healthy Campus Initiative

Service Road Fields, (Synthetic Turf)

Area of Work/Existing Condition Improvement - Concept

Healthy Campus Initiative Framework

IM Circle
Level 01 Area of Work Level 02

Existing Condition