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Automated Personality Classification

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Prof. Deepak Patidar Misha Mathur
Mehek Tiwari
Pooja Yadav
Priyanka Kokate

The system predicts new user personality based

on personality data stored by classification of
previous user data.
This learning can now be used to classify/predict
user personality based on past classifications.

This system will help many firms to market their

products and also helps them to target the right
Many users will get to know about their
personality based on their personality traits.
This system is useful for the social networking
sites which help these sites to increase their
rating scale.
As the results are based on previous data stored
in database, so the system will provide with
appropriate result.

Automated Personality Classification (APC) is

used to detect the personality of the person.
Personality of the user is compared with
previous data on server, based on this data
system will detect the personality of the user.
System will examine the personality of the user
based on personality traits and will specify user
belongs to which personality. Based on his
personality, system will display other features
which is relevant to his personality.

We conduct a set of experiments to examine whether

automatically trained models can be used to recognize
the personality of unseen subjects. Our approach can
be summarized in five steps:
1. Store Data related to personality in database
2. Collect associated personality characteristics for each
3. Extract relevant features from the texts;
4. Display features relevant to his personality traits
5. Personality and User Behavior

MIPRO 2012 27.9.2017.

Leary Interpersonal Frame board

Contribution of the Project

Automatic detection of personality by the system
itself on the basis of past survey.
This system can be helpful for firms to identify the
personality of the interviewee based on the personality
traits of the interviewee.
This system is useful for the firms for marketing
their products and helps them to target the correct
Market Potential-
This system can be embedded with social sites, as
many users can buy and sell their product using these social
Future Scope

There can be module where user will be

provided with career guidance which
matches his personality.
For example: if a user has the ability to
speak well and able to convince opposite
person. So, this user will be good in
marketing field.
Existing solutions concepts

Essay, weblog, email, news group,
Twitter counts...
Personality measurement:
Questionnaire (internet and written).
We are searching for an alternative!

MIPRO 2012 27.9.2017.