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Managing Multicultural Workplace

Presented by
Nicole King
August 10, 2016
What is Diversity in the workplace?
Diversity is viewed more as the way a company
responds to its workforce

Its the differences that make

each person unique!
Multicultural Diversity
Multicultural diversity is considered a trait of workplace
diversity and understanding the cultural competency of
the organization
What is Cultural
Culture- The shared values,
traditions, norms, customs,
art, history, folklore, and
institutions of a group of
people that are unified by
race ethnicity, language,
nationality, or religion .
Competence- The
ability to do something
well or to a required
Cultural Competence

Cultural Competence is the ability to

interact effectively with people from
different cultures beyond the boundaries
of their own cultural interpretations and

Source: JWB, Pinellas County 2012

How to Overcome Cultural Barriers
Determine whether a specific behavior or
attribute is a requirement of the job.
Identify whether or not you can reasonably
accommodate the cultural difference.
Determine how best to accommodate the
cultural difference.
Learn about other cultures.
Ask your employees for insight.
9 Ways to Manage Multicultural Teams
1. One size does not fit all
2. Seek to understand and listen for the opportunity to
build bridges
3. Embrace diversity as an asset, and get curious
4. Stop focusing on treating everyone the same
5. Connect, dont correct
6. Resist gravitating toward members of similar
7. Be open to discussing diversity
8. Choose people who demonstrate a capacity to adapt their
behavior to people different from them
9. Stop focusing on diversity and start focusing on inclusion
Ask Yourself
Does my behavior contribute to
work output and mission
Could my behavior offend or hurt
Could my behavior be
misinterpreted as intentionally
harmful or harassing?
Could my behavior be sending out
signals that invite harassing