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Installing Computer Systems and

Networks, ICT - Grade 9

Complying with the Requirements in
Installing Devices/Systems,
Networking Devices, and Peripherals

/systems.Objectives At the end of this lesson. you should know how to comply with the requirements in installing devices. and peripherals. networking devices. .

but also for its peripherals and networking devices that shall connect it to every other computer systems in the workplace. These specifications will determine whether it is capable of functioning properly when given a particular task. graphic design and video editing to name a few. A computer system may be used in accounting. architecture. The job requirement is commonly established by the location and usage of a computer system.Installing a computer system together with a set of peripherals differs for every job requirement. Different usage requires a different set of specifications not only for the computer system itself. . engineering.

Listed below are the specifications of common devices and peripherals that must be checked before installing a computer system: Integrated Peripherals – normally attached directly to the motherboard within the system unit. .

.External Peripherals – devices that are attached through a USB cable or other cables and connectors.

Networking devices – peripherals used to interconnect the different computer systems together. .

Networking devices with multiple ports and high data transfer rate can be installed in the server room while a basic setup can be installed in a small office. a computer system with high CPU. Correct specifications must be observed while installing computer systems and networks at all times. This means that no computer system must be underpowered or over-powered. The basic knowledge in determining if a device is fit for a job description will fully utilize all the peripherals at hand. . Knowing this will ensure that a suitable computer system will be installed for the correct job. RAM and video card capacity must be installed if the requirement is graphic design or video editing while a basic setup can be installed for a job that only requires office applications. For example. Learn about it! Being able to know the basic specifications of the different components and peripherals will aid in determining the appropriate hardware that must be installed for a specific job requirement.

What refers to the technical characteristics of a device which is used to determine if it is applicable for the job requirement at hand? Categorization Clarification Description Specification .

What type of devices are directly connected to the motherboard inside the system unit? External Peripherals Integrated Peripherals Internal Devices Network Devices .

What type of devices are normally connected to the system unit via USB cables? External Peripherals Integrated Peripherals Internal Devices Network Devices .

Which of the following job requirements would need the most powerful display adapter? Computing in a spreadsheet Creating a slide presentation Editing a video Proofreading a document .

What is the common measurement used for data transfer speed? DPI GHz Mbps RPM .

What is the common measurement used to determine the processing speed of a CPU? DPI GHz Mbps RPM .

Which of the following determines the number of devices that can be connected to a hub? Capacity Connectivity Data transfer rate Number of ports .

What unit is commonly used to measure the capacity of a hard disk drive? GB Gb MB Mb .

Which of the following measures the sensitivity of a pointing device like a mouse? DPI GHz Mbps RPM .

Which of the following room would require a computer system and networking devices with the highest specifications? Computer Laboratory Engineering Laboratory Faculty Room Server Room .