Absorption and Assimilation


Adaptation of Digestive System for Absorption y Absorption of food takes place in small intestine. yStart at duodenum yEnd at ileum .

.Adaptation of Digestive System for Absorption yAlcohol. small amount of simple sugars and water are also absorbed by the lining of the stomach.

Adaptation of Digestive System for Absorption y The adaptation of small intestine: y Large surface area for absorption purpose y Small intestine is long y The wall of small intestine is folded inward y The inner surface of the small intestine is covered with villi y The epithelial cell of each villus are covered with microvilli .

glycerol and fat-soluble vitamins. y The lacteal within each villus transport away fatty acid.Adaptation of Digestive System for Absorption y The epithelial cell covering the microvilli is one cell thick. making it easy for digested food to pass through it. . y A comprehensive network of blood capillaries within each villus to transport away the absorbed nutrients all over the body.


I.9 L Total absorbed by intestine . Secretion & Absorption: the Balance Sheet 8.G.

Intestinal Morphology .


Intestinal Villus and Microvilli CAPILLARY NETWORK LYMPH VESSEL Stem cells INTESTINAL GLAND Secretory cells .


microvilli (´brush borderµ) .

K) Secrete intestinal juice Transport absorbed food from blood capillaries via the hepatic portal vein to the liver Network of blood Absorb amino acids. D. C. vitamins B. E. capillaries mineral and water Arteriole Lymph vessel Supplies blood to the capillary network Transport fat droplets to the lymphatic system .Functions of structures in a villus Structure Lacteal Intestinal gland Venule Function Absorb fatty acids. monosaccharides. glycerol and fat-soluble vitamins (A.

K) . E.‡Absorption takes pace when digested food pass through the epithelium of the villi and into the capillary network and lymph vessels. D. ‡Nutrients that enter into blood capillaries are: ‡Water ‡Glucose ‡Amino acids ‡Vitamins B and C ‡Nutrients that enter lymph vessels are: ‡Fatty acids ‡Glycerol ‡Fat-soluble vitamins (A.

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