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Programme lesson 10

Trias Politica (p.38-43)

From the news: Referendum in Catalonia
Trias Politica on the national level and its relevance
True or false (4 statements)
Learning goals
Reading chapter 3 Trias Politica
Trias Politica?
Trias Politica in the Netherlands
on national level
Judicial power
the courts

Executive power Legislative power

government (regering) government & parliament

We dont have a strict separation of powers but we do have balance of powers

and built-in checks and balances.
Aim of checks and balances
Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Solution: power should always be counter balanced to

prevent abuse of power and groupthink.
Work in pairs
3 minutes
Write down in your notebook how checks and balances can be
organized in organizations, to prevent abuse of power in:
A sports club
A company
A school
True or false

1. Government (regering) and Second Chamber

(Tweede Kamer) jointly have executive power.
True or false

2. Most trials are held behind closed doors.

True or false
3. Members of the Second Chamber cannot
previously have held the office of judge.
True or false
4. Judges of the Supreme Court (Hoge Raad) are
appointed by the government (regering).
Learning goals
You can describe what is meant with Trias Politica;
You can describe how the checks and balances are organized on
national level in the Trias Politica (tasks of government, parliament
and courts);
You can explain the aim of checks and balances;
You can mention examples how checks and balances can be realized;
You can comment on current issues concerning checks and balances.