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Environmental Issues

of Europe
SS6G9 The student will
discuss environmental issues
in Europe.
a. Explain the major concerns of Europeans
regarding the issues such as acid rain in
Germany, air pollution in the United
Kingdom, and the nuclear disaster in
Chernobyl, Ukraine.
Student will be able to:

• Explain the impact of acid rain, air
pollution and the Chernobyl Nuclear
Disaster on the economies and population
of Europe.
Environmental Issue____________________________________________________
Causes Effects
(Important Facts)

Name: ____________________ Date: _________ Period: ______
Causes Effects
 Kills ________
Car __________
(_________ and particles (Important Information)  Pollutes _______
which are put into the

Acid Rain
______ by various sources.
 Destroys
________ and
________smoke or ________
exhaust containing _______
dioxide and ________ oxides
go up into the atmosphere and  Kills _________
come back down to earth in and other plants.
the form of harmful
precipitation (_____, ____,
_____________ etc.) ______ deposits also fall ______% of the
from the ____ when there is _______ _______ has
no precipitation. been severely

.__________is at
Solutions? an all time low
Other _______ ____________ emission laws
(how much pollution can be let
out in the air) Destroys buildings
____________ ________________-renewable and ____________
energy resource that uses the destroys buildings
Earth's water cycle to generate
electricity and monuments
Acid Rain: Caused by these…
Acid Rain: Results in this…
Acid Rain in Germany
What is acid rain?
Rain is rain that has been made acidic by certain
pollutants in the air.
Acid rain is related to Air Pollution!
• Air pollution rises into the air and returns as acid rain in
the form of precipitation
• Some of the UK’s air pollution is carried over to Germany
and adds to their Acid Rain problem
Acid rain occurs when…
smoke from factories or the exhaust from vehicles - contains
sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides

released into the air

“acts with water, oxygen, and other chemicals”

becomes ACIDIC

and it comes back down to earth in the form of harmful
precipitation - rain, snow, sleet – ACID RAIN
No, Acid doesn’t fall from the

Normal, clean rain has a pH value of between 5.0 - 5.5,
which is slightly acidic. However, when rain combines
with sulfur dioxide or nitrogen oxides—produced from
power plants and automobiles—the rain becomes much
more acidic. Typical acid rain has a pH value of 4.0.
Acid Rain in Germany

• Causes:

car emissions (gases and particles which
are put into the air by various sources)
factories emissions
other air pollution
Acid Rain in Germany
• Effects:

kills animals, pollutes water
 Forests are dying and other plants
Destroys buildings and monuments
50% of the Black Forest has been severely damaged.
Timber is at an all time low
destroys buildings and monuments
Very few pine cones and young trees are found in Europe.
Germans afraid of this…

Black Forest in Germany
…becoming this…
Solution: Acid Rain

stronger emissions laws (how much
pollution can be let out in the air)

Hydroelectricity-renewable energy
resource that uses the Earth's water cycle to
generate electricity
Hydroelectricity: Human/Environmental
Interaction: Depending on our environment.
renewable energy resource because it uses the Earth's
water cycle to generate electricity. Water evaporates from
the Earth's surface, forms clouds, precipitates back to
earth, and flows toward the ocean.
Environmental Issue UK_
Causes Effects
(Important Facts)

Air Pollution

Name: ____________________ UK
Causes Effects
_______ burning
in homes (Great
(Important Information)  Hurts _______
_______ of 1952) through acid rain.
Air Pollution
sent _____ into Related to ______ rain. Air
the air, mixed with ________ rises into the air and
returns as ______ rain in the
_____; creating form of _____________ or dry
smog ______. ______ pollution is
carried from the U.K. to other
countries by _______currents
resulting in acid rain in those Hurts
U.K. has very bad _____
pollution. Air pollution includes
Vehicle _______, _________, and
________ (a mixture of
_________ _________ and _________.

Solutions? Hurts humans
Government _________ air (burns the ______,
Local quality. ________. _______ _______, and
__________ coals and using more _______ forcing
__________. Newer cars senior citizens and
produce less _______ and ________ to stay
people drive les indoors.
Air Pollution in the U.K.

• The UK has very bad air pollution
• Air pollution includes smoke, dust,
and smog (mixture of smoke and
• Air pollution is carried from the
U.K. to other countries by air
Air Pollution in the United
coal-burning in homes (Great Smog of
1952) sending ash into the air
vehicle emissions
Factory smoke
Air Pollution in the United Kingdom

hurts humans (burns the lungs, nose and
eyes forcing senior citizens and children to stay
Can Kill – About 4,000 Londoners died within
5 days as a result of thick smog in 1952
hurts plants
hurts atmosphere
Hurts the economy…Costs the country $
Air Pollution
$It cost a country money$
Constructed Response:
• Respiratory disease= greater healthcare costs
• Damage to buildings resulting in money having to be
spent to renovate

• Closure of many factories resulting in loss wages.

• Money has to be spent on improving public
transportation to reduce number of vehicles on road
therefore reducing emissions.
•Government monitors air quality
• Newer cars produce
less exhaust and people
drive less.
• Kyoto Protocol- an
agreement between
countries to reduce
Air Quality Monitoring Station pollution
• Stricter laws on pollution
Environmental Issue_____________________________________________________
Causes Effects
(Important Facts)

Name: ____________________ Date: _________ Period: _____
Causes Effects
___________ Land ___________
government was
not careful
(Important Information) and contamination
(Europe farmers)
Chernobyl Nuclear
______ Nuclear accident
Estimates: up to
_______ will die from Economic impact on
_________ ________ radiation.
reactor design _________ had to be
East and North
_______ _________:
resettled. Radiation radioactive particles stirred
spread throughout other up by the nuclear explosion
countries by air currents. and “raining down”
(____________) through the

________ with _________ issues-
Solutions? high rates of
poorly trained
workers. _______, birth
defects, ________
Event: Important Information: Chernobyl

• April 26, 1986 Nuclear accident
– Estimates: up to 5,000 will die due to cancer from
– 336,000 had to be resettled
– Most areas now considered safe
Chernobyl Before and After
Nuclear Accident
Whole cities had to be abandoned
due to radiation…

Red Forest
The Pripyat Fun Fair
was scheduled to begin
May 1st. The ferries
wheel remains one of
the most irradiated
parts of Pripyat since
the disaster, making it
still dangerous today.
How far did the radiation go?

Sheep in
England and
reindeer in
Lapland had
to be killed
as they had
Event: Chernobyl Nuclear
Disaster in Ukraine
• Cause:
communist government was not careful
defective reactor design
was operated with poorly trained workers
• Effect: Nuclear accident at Chernobyl
 Land evacuation and contamination (Europe farmers, )
 Health issues- high rates of cancer, birth defects, death
 Nuclear Fallout- radioactive particles stirred up by the nuclear
explosion and raining down (descending) through the
Event: Important Information: Chernobyl
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster
April 26, 1986
• spread to surrounding countries by air
• still effects people and land TODAY!
• worst in history
Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster in
29 years later: Still
Dangerous and
• No permanent solution-still radiative today 29 years
• Buried the reactor in concrete.
• payments to victims-new homes, jobs, clothes
furniture- everything had to be left behind
• Paid medical costs for those who were sick
• Counstructed Response: Use Thinking Map
Choose one Environmental Concern
Compose 1 paragraph that answers:
1.Where does it occur in Europe?
2.What are the causes?
3.What are the effects?
4.What is being done to solve the problem?

Pay attention to: Grammar, Punctuation,
Sentence structure!
Less than 3 Complete sentences: 70%
3-5 Complete sentences: 85%
6-7 Complete sentences: 100%
Environmental Issue Writing Journal
Use the information in your “Multi-
Flow” maps Body

What are the causes?

Environmental Issue What are the effects?

Country affected
What is being