Joyce Travelbee 1926 - 1973


father participation in birth process. . prenatal instruction.‡ FAR ahead of her time with her call (in 1949!) for natural childbirth.

‡ and rooming-in! Joyce Travelbee 1966 "Human to Human Relationship Model" Art and Science of Humanistic Nursing A theory A unique. irreplaceable individual .

‡ "Human to Human Relationship Model" ‡ Travelbee's experience in initial psych nursing practice at a Catholic charity hospital led her to believe that the care given in these type of institutions lacked compassion .

consumers might seek a "new and different kind of health care worker .‡ She felt nursing needed a "humanistic revolution" and a renewed focus on caring as central to nursing--she warned that if this didn't happen.

" Travelbee's ideas have greatly influenced the hospice movement. Travelbee died tragically young at age 47 while beginning doctoral study .‡ .

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