‡ Bibliography -Margaret Newman was born on October 10. Texas -Margaret Newman felt a call to nursing for a number of years prior to her decision to enter the field. 1933 in Memphis Tennessee. In 1954 She earned her first Bachelors degree in Home Economics and English from Baylor University in Waco. .

Memphis.‡ Education In 1962 she received her Bachelors degree in Nursing from the University of Tennessee. In 1971 she completed her Doctorate of Nursing Science and Rehabilitation at New York University . In 1964 she received her Masters Degree of MedicalSurgical Nursing and Teaching at the University of California in San Francisco.

‡ Relationship to the Metaparadigm Concepts Newman has designated caring in the human health experience as the focus of nursing discipline and has specified the focus as the metaparadigm of the discipline. .

-facilitates pattern recognition in clients by forming relationships with them at critical points n their lives and connecting with them in an authentic way.‡ Nursing -to help clients get in touch with the meaning of their lives by the identification of their patterns of relating -Intervention is a form of non intervention whereby the nurse s presence assists clients to recognize their own patterns of interacting with the environment. .

‡ Essence of Margaret Newman's Theory: An individual person in each situation. no matter how disordered and hopeless. . is part of the universal process of expanding consciousness.

‡ The expanding consciousness is a process wherein an individual becomes more of his real self. . as he finds greater meaning in his life and the lives of those people around him.

. Self-awareness may eventually lead to acceptance of one's self and one's circumstances and limitations.‡ In his/her search for his/her real self. the individual's awareness expands to include the interests of those people around him and the rest of the world.

an in-depth understanding of one's condition may pave the way for a person to engage into activities leading to positive progression transcending .‡ With self-awareness and self-acceptance.

an evolving pattern of humanenvironment (Rogers.‡ Supporting Theory The health of a human being is a unitary phenomenon. . 1970).

‡ Life is a process of expanding consciousness. 1980). The explicate order is a manifestation of the implicate order (Bohm. Consciousness is the informational capacity of the system and can be seen in the quality of interaction of the system with the environment (Bentov. . 1978).

in medical terms.‡ Assumptions 1. These pathological conditions can be considered a manifestation of the total pattern of the individual . or. pathology ‡ 2. Health encompasses conditions heretofore described as illness.

Removal of the pathology in itself will not change the pattern of the indivdual . The pattern of the individual that eventually manifests itself as pathology is primary and exists prior to structural or functional changes ‡ 4.‡ 3.

for that person . then that is health 6.5. Health is an expansion of consciousness. If becoming ill is the only way an individual's pattern can manifest itself.

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