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Types of Microphones Serenity Smith

7th period

Serenity Smith
7th period

A pole that is held over the

set with a microphone
attached to the end of the
Dynamic Microphone Condenser Microphone
Designed to hear requires an external
different sound power supply
frequencies can pick up a greater
Most commonly found in
a television studio is range of sound
designed to pick up frequencies than
sounds best in normal dynamic mics
speaking voice
Ribbon Microphone

The most sensitive

type of mic used
in television. Most
commonly placed
on a talk show
hosts desk.
Primarily used in
music recording
used to pick up a sound A very sensitive mic that looks like a
on a stage or in a large satellite dish with handles and is
room and is most designed to pick up
commonly a condenser sounds at a distance.

Boundary Microphone Parabolic reflector Microphone

Cardioid Mic Omni Directional Mic

Captures sound from nearly every direction equally well.

Shot Gun Mic

Captures sound from

primarily one direction. A directional mic with an extremely narrow pickup pattern.
Handheld Microphone

Designed to be held in the hand, rather than placed on a

stand or clipped to clothing, but can be placed on a stand
or boom. Also called a stick mic
Smallest mic worn by talent.
Attached at or near the
Lapel Mic breastbone of the talent with a
small clip or pin. Also called a