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Evaluation Process- Process & Training

Human Resources
Presentation Flow

Feedback talk

Planning and Development objectives

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The Evaluation Process

Process 2010

Planning Review
2011 2010

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The Feedback Talk
What is a feedback Talk?

Assess past performance in order to improve future performance.

Its a periodical formal meeting between employee and his/ her manager which
both sides should come prepared with inputs on last year achievements and
areas to improve.

Also discuss and decide on next year objectives and areas of development.

The conversation is expected to be constructive but open so the employee will

know what his/ her manager opinion on his performance and potential
This information enables the employee to improve and develop himself /

5 Proprietary and Confidential

Feedback talk- 3 stages

- Fill in the questioner by assessing yourself - Share your manager with the main
focusing on what you have achieved and How
you achieved it points that you are taking for
action- to keep doing, and to
- Be ready to share with your strong areas and
areas to improve - The manager Present the purpose of the
meeting - Share your manager with you
- Think of the assistance that you would like to
get form your Direct manager to improve - Share with you self assessment and see the
expectations for the future
- Define objectives for the coming year conversation as an opportunity to share your
professional and personal view of your role and responsibilities, and
future development areas
- Think of feedback that you would like to give
to your Direct manager

The Talk Talk

Mng. & Emp. closure by
between Emp.
Preparation Mng. &
& Mng.
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Planning & Development objectives
Planning stage- Setting Objectives

In the planning stage-we suggest you set a SMART objectives for the
coming year:

Specific- what is exactly expected to achieve

Measurable- definition of what will be different if we achieve the objective

Attainable - achievable objectives in terms of times, costs and challenge

Relevant - Relevant to the organizational/ company objectives

Time Bound - clear timelines to achieve the objective

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Setting Development Objectives

Setting development objectives based on employee s :

Role and responsibilities
Common agreement on both sides - manager and employee on the
road map of development

The possible dimensions can be in the:

Professional cycle
Managerial cycle

9 Proprietary and Confidential

People are responding to those who are listening to them
The secret of influence on people is not necessarily in the ability to
speak, but in the ability to Listen.
The fact that people are treating others in honesty and sincerity
encourage them to talk on their hearts

10 Proprietary and Confidential

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