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Labor You Love

Personal Finance
Mrs. Dayley
You can consciously
begin now to choose
the career you want.
Questions to Answer
How does the career you choose affect your
What employee characteristics are important
to an employer?
How do education and training affect your
What is an entrepreneur?
What are employee benefits?
Career vs Job
On a separate sheet of paper, list the
characteristics of a career and the
characteristics of a job.

See Figure 2.1

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Employers want employees who:
Are dependable
Work well with others
Are good problem solvers
Deliver high quality work
Have high productivity
Conduct increasingly complex and
unique activities
Have great attitudes
Assignment 2.1
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You can always make
more money,
but you cant make
more time.

Read section under Making

Money page 18 Student
M&M Energizer
Each M&M color represents a category:

Green Personal goals

Brown Careers you are interested in

Yellow Hobbies and Interests

Orange Money management experience

Red Fact about money

Blue A job you have held
The level of formal
knowledge and training
you have attained.

General rule the more education you

have, the higher your income.
Average College Costs

College Type Cost/Year

Private $24,946

State (non-resident) $16,848

State (resident) $11,338

*Costs include tuition, dorm, cafeteria meal plan, fees, books, and
spending money.
Education & Earnings
$100,000 $95,309
$70,000 $62,188
$50,000 $34,373 $41,658
$30,000 $20,724
No High High School Some College Bachelor's Professional
School Diploma Degree Degree

Annual Household Earnings

A person who creates a business from
Self employed
Strong sense of discipline
Be your own boss
Beat the competition
Becoming An Entrepreneur
See an opportunity
Take the initiative
Develop plans

Assignment 2.2
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What Employees Want
Employee benefits
The additional benefits offered by
Paid vacation
Paid sick leave
Health plan
Retirement plan
Tuition reimbursement
Cost of Living

Cost of Living
Includes items like
rent or home costs,
insurance, utilities
like natural gas and
electricity and food.
Action Steps
Its Your Life
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