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Textual Analysis 1


"Firework" is a song by American singer Katy Perry from her third
studio album, Teenage Dream
Was nominated for Best
(2010). Perry co-wrote the song
Female Video.
with Ester Dean and its producers
StarGate and Sandy Vee. Capitol
Records released it as the album's
third single on October 26, 2010.

It premiered on October
28, 2010, on YouTube,
and as of July 22, 2017,
Context of Firework It is a dance-pop self-
empowerment anthem with
has amassed more than inspirational lyrics, and Perry felt
1.0 billion views. it was an important song for her
on Teenage Dream.

On MuchMusic's top 50 videos of 2010, "Firework" reached the

top position. The music video was said to be a more upbeat take
on Christina Aguilera's message in "Beautiful". It was nominated
for three awards at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, eventually
winning one of those, the Video of the Year, the main and final
Media Language
Katys "Firework" video is an empowering, full of real people discovering their inner beauty and
stepping out loudly and proudly, no matter what their detractors may say.
These aerial shots is one of the few views shown
in the first 8 seconds of the video. Its taking a
night over the duration of the video, to highlight
the fireworks but to all express the people
fighting against the darkness they are facing in
there lives. The shots of the different areas
introduces the idea of people across the world
facing difficulties.

The zoomed out shot presents Katy

on top of a building looking over in
a long dress expressing her power
as she begins the singing. The wind
blows on her dress
Media Language
A focus pull camera technique is used to
show the boy who's looking after to his sister
whilst his parents argue, it blurs out the
background so the main focus is on him but
also blurs him out to focus on the parents
The camera shots here give the audience an
idea on what the song is about, which is
fighting and beating your problems.

Through this medium shot you see the teenager

attending a pool party, where everyone is having
fun but in this shot you can see her sitting on the
side of the pool watching everyone else. The off
the shoulder shot expresses how people are telling
her to come into the pool but through the switch
to a close up it presents her shaking her head as
doesn't feel like she fits in. This again represents
what a lot of teenagers go through which is
inspired through the song lyrics.
Media Language

Through this tracking shot leading to

a medium shot, it constructs a dark
setting. The close up of her face
expresses her sadness of being stuck
inside the hospital.

This side on shot is the first time Katy brings

out the fireworks. The fireworks coming from
her chest are a symbol of power and
brightness. It starts to bring colour to the
video as from the start it was very dark
scenery. The high angle shot allows the
audience to see the fireworks getting bigger
and spreading which represents more people
being able too and leads onto how the actors
begin to also carry out the same act.
Media Language

In these multiple different camera shots; low angle, medium close up, long etc. expresses the symbol of the fireworks and how
they are a representation of fighting against your problems. This attracts a wide audience as normally Katys songs are directed
to 13-21 year old females this song also introduces a secondary audience which is a variety of age groups and males also.
After adopting the stage name Katy
Perry and being dropped by The Island
Def Jam Music Group and Columbia
Records, she signed a recording contract
with Capitol Records in April 2007.

In 1955, the label was acquired by the British music

conglomerate EMI as its North American subsidiary. EMI was
later acquired by Universal Music Group in 2012 and was
merged with the company in 2013, making Capitol Records
and the Capitol Music Group both a part of the Universal
Music Group
Katy is presented a woman inspiring others to fight there
problems, expressing how everyone can beat anything there
struggling with. She wears long dresses and the close ups of her
face show the power in facial expressions. She and along with
the other actors in the film present different types of ages,
ethnicities, and problems.
She is presented as confident and full of life, which she tries to
influence others on through her lyrics and music video. With
the way Katy dresses in the music video it puts he on a more
reality based idea of clothing which again allows her to interact
with the audience on a more personal level as the can relate to
her even though she is a celebrity she expresses how everyone
is the same and has similar problems.
This music video challenges the stereotypes of how women are
normally portrayed in contemporary music videos as it is well
known in the music industry that women's music videos do not
normally reflect normal figures, lives etc. However Katy goes
against this and presents a more real life video through the way
she dresses and who she selects for the music video.
Through the images shown above we can see how music videos
like Taylor Swift and Demi Lovato reinforce the new stereotype
which is more wild normally containing that party atmosphere.
In a lot of contemporary music videos shown in the screenshots
for example Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj they were revealing
clothing were as Katy goes for more of the simplistic look with
more natural colours rather that florescent colours to fit in with
Representations and Target audience
Katy also challenges her own usual
stereotype as she can be seen as
conventional with the music and dancing
but through certain music videos e.g.
California girl ft. Snoop Dog addresses a
more extravagant music video with
revealing clothing which also matches the
new stereotype of female music videos as
for example artists like Nicki Minaj, Miley
Cyrus etc. . Through the screenshots shown
you are able to see how Katys target
primary audience is more for 13-21 year old
females rather than more of a diverse
audience however for the song firework she
expands to a secondary audience.
She gained over 300,000 comments
from people across the world. Many positive comments from
different ages, genders and
ethnicities, expressing the aim for
her video.

Katy received over 1 billion views and the contrast between 3 million likes on
the video and 182 thousand is huge and with the bar chart below it allows the
audience to see how liked the video was.