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ABB: The World Leader Ray Doran

in Motors and Generators New Berlin, WI

ATAP, USA. June 2005
Lotus Notes: Ray Doran/USINY/ABB
Off.: (262) 785-8618
Cell: (414) 828-2057
AT-PT Motors&Generators
AT Commitment to PT

PT Commitment to AT
Medium Voltage Motors R. Doran
Organization / Contact Point
Product Overview
Typical Applications in Utilities
ABB differentiators / Weaknesses
Major Competitors
Questions / Suggestions
AT PT April 2005
Motors and Generators

Topic 1 - Where are the opportunities?

Who uses motors and generators?
Motor and generator applications are easy to identify
How are motors and generator opportunities pursued?

Topic 2 - What we have?

Our product range
Our technology and expertise

Topic 3 - Who we are?

Your contacts
AT PT April 2005
Where are the opportunities?

Motors & Generators in a nutshell

Motor and generator applications are easy to identify

Motors and generators are EVERYWHERE

(all applications and industries)

Who uses motors and generators?

How are motors and generator opportunities pursued?

AT PT April 2005
ABB Motors & Generators

ABB is the worlds leading

manufacturer of low and high
voltage AC motors and

ABB has over one hundred

years design experience and
application understanding with
electric motors.

ABB has the newest and most

efficient designs in the market

ABB has experienced Sales,

Project Management and
Service teams all over the world
AT PT April 2005
Motors & Generators in ALL Applications & Industries

Power Grinders & Refiners Pulp & Paper

Compressors HVAC Petrochemical, Oil and Gas

Pumps Cement & Mining Mills Air Separation

Water & Wastewater Metals Fans & Blowers

Turbines Variable Speed Drives Marine

Multipurpose Industrial Use Wind Power Generation

AT PT April 2005
Motors & Generators in a System
AT PT April 2005

Circ. and Cooling Water Pumps

Boiler Feed Pumps
Coal Mills

High-inertia loads
High efficiency
High power factor
Two-speed motors
AT PT April 2005

Low life-cycle costs

New Ventures - Wind Power
ABB is the worlds leading
manufacturer of generators for wind

Extensive range of ABB products

and services for wind power

Power: 55 - 3000 kW
Low and high voltage
Single and two-speed
Air and water-cooling
High efficiency
State-of-art form wound winding
AT PT April 2005

technology in MW class units

The AC Motors & Generators Market

Total USA Market = $400M

ABB Share: approximately 5%

ABB has a long history as a motor

& generator supplier in the USA
ABB is well known and highly
AT PT April 2005

How are motors and generator opportunities

Step One:

Identify opportunities:
1 - New Projects
2 - Plant Expansions
3 - Retrofits
4 - MRO business
Motors dont last forever
Many low-efficiency machines out there
AT PT April 2005

How are motors and generator opportunities

Step Two:

Important Information for us:

AT PT April 2005

How are motors and generator opportunities

Step Three:

Contact anybody in the Motor and Generator

(Electrical Machines) organization for support!
AT PT April 2005
What we have?

Our product range

Our technology and expertise

AT PT April 2005
Electrical Machines - Product Range

AC Induction Motors
and Generators

AC Synchronous Motors
and Generators

Power range from

0.25 HP to 70,000 HP
AT PT April 2005
Induction Motors and Generators

Full range of IEC Motors,

fractional to 30,000 HP
NEMA Frames 100HP and up
Stocked globally
High Efficiency
Complete range of enclosures
Horizontal and Vertical Designs
AT PT April 2005
Induction Flameproof Motors
Low and Medium Voltage

A solution for hazardous environments, compliant with standards to

meet world-wide demand (zone 1 and zone 2)

Designed to withstand the pressure

caused by an internal explosion and also
able to prevent flame propagation outside.

Compared with other types of protection

(Ex-p, Ex-e), the main advantages are:
No purging before starting
No pressurization system required
No inert gas needed
No thermal limitation for "te" time
AT PT April 2005

No need for system test in VSD applications

Individual certification not required
AC Synchronous Motors and Generators

Synchronous Motors

Power: 0.5 - 65 MW
Frame sizes: 710 - 2500

Synchronous Generators

Power: 1 - 70 MVA
Frame sizes: 400 1250
1800rpm and below
AT PT April 2005
Motorformer / Powerformer
The worlds first cable-
wound high-voltage(up to
150 kV) AC Machine.
Combines conventional
AC technology with the
new cable technology
Motor installation simpler,
more efficient and more
environmentally friendly.

the motor can be connected directly to a distribution network

having a considerably higher voltage.
eliminates the need for a transformer to lower the voltage
between the supply network and the motor.
AT PT April 2005
Our Technology and Experience

AT Electrical Machines
motor and generator
business is based on more
than a century of
We are served by several
factories, many of which
where founded more than
100 years ago.
Due to continuous R&D our product portfolio is the most modern in the
market place.
We promote strong energy conservation (high efficiency, EPACT), low
noise level, safety, and many other environmental concerns.
We comply with all relevant major national and international standards,
AT PT April 2005

e.g. CSA
The Features You Want...

Rigid fabricated frames

Low vibration levels

Copper bar rotor

High thermal capacity and stability

ABB MICADUR-Compact Industry (MCI) Insulation

Available as a sealed system for long life

Class B temperature rise with Class F insulation

AT PT April 2005
The Enclosures You Need...

Modular Motors
TEFC Motors
Cast-iron, ribbed frame
TEFC through 3500 HP
AT PT April 2005
The Accessories You Need...

Sleeve or A/F bearings Soleplates

Winding and bearing RTDs Mounting 1/2-coupling
Space heaters Adapter bases
Vibration detectors
Surge protection
Current transformers
AT PT April 2005
Medium Voltage - Construction

VPI Insulation


(MCI) insulation system based on the
global Vacuum Pressure Impregnation
(VPI) insulation method.
The VPI method has successfully
demonstrated reliability for many years in
machines for types of applications and
has achieved world-wide recognition for

Exceeds class F requirements

Excellent mechanical strength
High moisture resistance
AT PT April 2005
R&D - High Efficiency

Motors account for about 70% of

industrial energy consumption.

Cost of purchasing a motor 1-2%;

running a motor accounts for 98-
99% of lifetime cost.

Any increase in motor efficiency can make a difference in annual

energy consumption and extend motor lifetime.

ABB investment in motor efficiency R&D continues to make us the

world leader in high efficiency designs
AT PT April 2005
Business Units LV Motors & Machines

1000 MUSD business

4500 employees

Product offering, power

range from 0.055 kW to
70 MW:
AC LV Induction Motors
AC HV Induction Motors
AC Induction Generators
AC Synchronous Motors
AC Synchronous Generators
DC Motors
AT PT April 2005

ABB is the market leader in LV

and HV motors
Business Units LV Motors & Machines factories
AT PT April 2005
Your contacts here

Ray Doran
Off: 1 262 785 8618
Cell: 1 414 828 2057

Olli Mansikka
LN: Olli Mansikka/USINY/ABB
Off: 1 262 785 8890
Cell: 1 262 366 6612
AT PT April 2005
After Sales Service Partners

Jim Pepper
206-767 9506

Milwaukee u
Steve Wetter
330-830 3500
Wayne Bendelow
619-239 5174 Jim Skaggs
AT PT April 2005

270-821 5216
Joe Sedberry
713-473 3231
U.S Market Overview - Competitors
AC Large Induction Motor Market: Market Share of
Major Market Participants (North America)


Siemens TECO Westinghouse
Rockwell Automation General Electric
ABB Other

Source: Frost & Sullivan, HRI

Analysis, competitor information
AT PT April 2005

Other players include: ABB, Alsthom, Ansaldo, Baldor, Emerson Electric

Machinery, Ideal Electric, Imperial Electric, Marathon, Precise Power,
Toshiba, WEG Electric

2001 Data per Harbor Research, Inc. report (Oct. 2002)

Marketplace Overview by Industry/Application

U.S Market Opportunity Space ($M)*

Fans & Transport

MARKETS Compressors Pumps Blowers ation Other
2003 $75.9 $71.0 $62.9 $86.2 $86.9
Oil & Gas $37.5 15% 59% 10% 16%
Utilities $88.1 17% 17% 43% 23%
Metals/Mining $17.2 8% 8% 20% 64%
Pulp & Paper $27.9 5% 30% 20% 45%
Chemicals $42.1 28% 26% 12% 34%
Transportation $69.7 <2% <2% <2% 90-100%
HVAC $21.3 60% 0% 10% 30%
Waste/Wastewater $27.9 39% 46% 7% 8%
Cement $6.3 5% 5% 5% 80% 90%

TOTAL $338.1

Percent indicates motor energy use by sector and equipment type

AT PT April 2005

Census Bureau, Frost & Sullivan,

HRI Analysis (prepared by
Harbor Research, May 2004)
Customer Industry - Utilities: Current profile

General: Orders GM%

Large market with opportunities as environmental regulations 12.0 16%
continue to tighten
The utilities industry is heavily influenced by energy 14%
efficiency of motors, and desires highly efficient motors to 10.0
save on operating costs 12%
Estimated US market size in 2003: $88M. 8.0
ABB market share in 2003 estimated at 3% (2001: 11%) 10%

Customer Segment Characteristics: 6.0 8%

The industry is heavily government regulated and values
strong vendor relationships and longer lead times for highly 4.0 6%
4.0 3.5
custom projects
Pumps and fans/blowers are in widespread use in the utilities 2.5 4%

industry 2.0

Customers in segment:
0.0 0%
OEMs: Flowserve, Sulzer Pumps, KSB, Weir, Howden, TLT 2001 2002 2003 B2004
End-Customers: Southern Company, Calpine, AES, PG&E
AT PT April 2005
Customer Industry - Utilities: Future profile

Trends: Opportunities:
Existing power generation / distribution facilities require Partner with ABB PT sales channel
replacement or upgrade to maintain system reliability to strengthen presence / visibility in
Pollution control continues to be a major area for investment utility industry
Independent power producers (IPPs) will continue to provide Complete ABB MV Motor/Drive
energy to meet the demand for industrial & municipal growth
package provides enhanced system
Estimated market growth 2003-2008 (CAGR): 3-4%
efficiency / capability in fan & pump
ABB target market share in 2008: 10%
Customer Segment future state: ABB generator products are highly
Highly energy efficient motors to save on operating costs regarded by IPP players
The industry is heavily government regulated and values
strong vendor relationships
Lack of installed base provides
Customers in segment (future): limited replacement opportunities
Many customers are emerging from financial and operational Difficult for new suppliers to be
difficulties accepted into the existing utility
Alternative energy sources are being developed, however lack community
of government support will delay investments
AT PT April 2005
Industry SWOT: Utilities
AT PT April 2005
AT PT April 2005