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Case study:

1. Types of payment
2. Movable assets

Group members:
Siti Nur Diyana binti Zulkepli GS42684
Name : Sek Keb Desa Tasik, Bandar Tasik Selatan, KL

Type : Mix of primary school and Program Pendidikan Khas


Session : One (morning)

Teachers : 88

Students : 1140

Staffs : 13
Method : Interviewing

Interviewee : SK Desa Tasiks financial clerks;

1. Puan Dayang
2. Puan Horsiah
Division of Questions :





School efficiency in managing
several types of payment
To identify types of payment exists in school financial management

To determine current financial management system used in handling

payments in school level.

To investigate the efficiency of the management of payments in school.



The quantity of goods or services to be purchased should be based on

the needs of students, teachers and school staff.

School principals will determine which existing stocks , the average use
per month of school , frequency of use, so that the purchases made by
the needs of the school and can benefit to the whole school.
School must comply with all rules set by the school circulars such as
purchase listed in centre contract.

For goods or services which are not listed in the contract , the purchase
must be made from suppliers who charge reasonable prices and quality.

Retail purchases should use Local Order. Cash purchase can not
exceed RM50 for every purchase at a time and must be done in petty
cash .

Petty Cash

May only be used for purchases not exceeding RM50 for every purchase
and can be spent on all types of funds.

if teachers have to buy inventory as soon as possible , teachers should

buy with their money first and then attach the receipt of purchase for the
purchase requisition.

Payment Voucher

Before making any payment , principal will ensure the provision of each
fund was sufficient and appropriate.

Payment should be made to the authorized recipient and was supported

by vouchers and supporting documents , as well as certified by the
Voucher payment is made in two copies which is the original copy kept
by the school and the second copy is given to the recipient along with
the check.

Once payment is made, the voucher should be stamped " ALREADY

PAID " with date.

Vouchers that already paid should be prepared and filed in accordance

with the serial number and the relevant fund.
Errors in buying process occurred where the finance manager made a
mistake recording the purchase amount , mistake recording the name of the
company and also purchase made to the company does not exist.

To corrects the errors in terms of the amount and the name of the company,
the school makes a cancelling payment check , then make a new check by
writing the amount or the proper name of the company in the invoice .

Check that has the wrong amount required to be submitted as the evidence
of the mistakes.

In case of purchase of the company name does not exist , schools have to
cancel the transaction.
Have specific individual that handle issues related to payment.

Involve every staff, teachers in the school.

Give training related to payment procedure and other financial issue.

Always update everyone with the latest system.

School efficiency in managing
movable assets
To identify types of assets that are classified as movable assets.

To determine the financial management system practiced in handling

movable assets.

To investigate the efficiency of the current practice of financial

management system in school.

Moveable assets

For the admission process , schools have followed the steps for the
admission procedure correctly.

The school will check the details and documents while receiving asset.
After that , the school finance will inspect and test all the inventory
immediately before make a confirmation of the receipt.
Then , the school will provide the financial report of KEW.PA-1 Form
and the Head of Department will sign the form before it is send to the
shipping agent or the company that supplies inventories.

If the goods are purchased , it must be paid using the designated

payment procedures . If the item is donated , inventories need to be
labelled as ' contributions .

For the registration process , the parties will submit a copy of the school
KEW.PA - 4 and KEW.PA -5 annual basis through the three stages of
registration at PTj , registration at Department level, and registration at
the Ministry.
In the storage process , the school will ensure that asset is always kept
in a safe place and will be controlled by the officer on duty . For the high
value asset , the school will make sure it is always under the maximum
control by the officer in charge .

After performing maintenance , the school will record all the information
in the Form List Maintenance of Capital Assets ( KEW.PA - 14 ) . While
maintaining , if the inventory already damaged , the inventory need to be
included in the items that need to be written off .
School will apply for the disposal form for the items lost. For example, If
the radio or television was lost, the security will be responsible for these
items because it is under his care when lost. The security officer needs
to pay compensation using their own money or through monthly payroll
deductions .

If there are other items that are lost when held by a teacher or staff , the
teacher or the staff should be the one who is responsible and they will be
subject to disciplinary action by the school.


There are goods that are maintained but was not recorded in a
maintenance card . Problems will arise if the audit data is created, no
maintenance records were reported.

The annual audit will be made once each year , or will be increased two
to three times if the school has serious problems involving the transfer of
asset management .
Have specific individual that handle issues related to payment.

School principal involves other staff and teachers in management of

movable assets.

Have a standard recording system.

The end.