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Grant Unit Day 1

Dr. Will Kurlinkus
University of Oklahoma
Problem: Lack of Women in STEM

What can technical communicators do to solve this problem?

Specific Problem/How do I know its a problem?
Specific Audience/Population: Who is affected and/or needs
to be persuaded?
Specific Funder: Who cares enough and has money?
Solution: What text can be created?
Purpose: What will this text do and how?

Analyze this Call. What do we need to apply to this grant?


What are some problems in your

field you could write a grant for?

1. Our Assignment
2. Our Research
3.Our Calls
+ Statement of Need: Show Me The
The statement of need specifies the conditions you What is the problem?
wish to change. It should quickly summarize the
problem, show your familiarity with prior research
or work on the problem, reinforce your credibility Who does the problem effect?
for investigating the problem, and justify why this
problem should be investigated.
Demonstrate a precise understanding of the
Why does the problem matter to
problem or need that you are attempting to the granting institution?
solve. Show me this is actually a problem and
why its worth solving.
What are the benefits of solving
Has someone else attempted to solve this

problem (the answer is always yes)? How does
this problem?
your problem differ? And why does it still need
solving? (They Say/I Say)
Clearly convey the focus of your project early in
the narrative (you need to solve something very
specific). Quotes from experts
Indicate the relationship of your project to a
larger set of problems or issues and justify your
scope. Why has your particular focus has been Personal narratives
Establish the importance and significance of the
Justify why your problem should be of special
interest to the sponsor.
Statement of Need=Argument
Demonstrate that your problem is feasible to

of Need
Make the reviewer want to read further.

Who is the audience for a

statement of need?
Technical? Non-Technical? Expert in a
parallel field?
Sample Statements of Need
Analyze 3 Examples
1. Whats the specific scope and population that has the problem? Is the problem too
broad or narrow? Is their an explanation of why this population and scope and not
another? Why do this project here and not elsewhere?

2. Does this statement of need highlight kairos/timeliness? Does it explain, Why


3. Does this statement of need address peoples solutions? Is there a They Say/I Say

4. How are ethos, pathos, and logos used?

5. How is pre-existing research addressed? Does this person feel well-versed in the
area? How/why?

6. Is there any information missing? Or questions you have? Does this statement of
need make assumptions or leaps in evidence that need to proved?

7. Can you tell that this statement is geared toward a funding institution? What do you
think that institutions purpose/goals/mission is?

8. What audience does this writer assume?