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Hillary Clinton+ Angelina Jolie= 9th cousins

Barack Obama+ Brad Pitt= 9th cousins

Did you know? .

C. .Did you know? We are all related from someone that was alive between 6000 and 1000 B.

REPEAT ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ . RINSE.Genealogy Basics Gather information you already know Figure out what you don¶t know Find where to find the information Compile the information from various resources ‡ Make conclusions based on the information ‡ WASH.

Genealogy Basics ‡ Primary ‡ Ancestral Chart ‡ Family Group Form ‡ Source Summary ‡ Secondary ‡ Research Calendar ‡ Correspondence Record ‡ Other ‡ Census Forms .

edu/~bailey/genealogy/ Almost anywhere on the web and in print«just make sure they are free! Bailey Family¶s Forms www.Genealogy Basics ‡ ‡ ‡ Family Tree Magazine www.cs.

Genealogy Software ‡ New School o GRAMPS o Geni o Kindo o ‡ Old School o Family Tree Maker o Legacy o Personal Ancestral File ‡ GEDCOM .Genealogy Software format .

Cite Your Sources! Author Title Publication Details Where You Found It Specific Details .

dwelling 110. roll 721. Kerry (accessed 28 July 2004).cfm>.S. http://www.ancestry. online <http://www.ohiohistory. Frederick ‡ . The Ohio Historical Society. Norfolk County. Massachusetts.Cite Your Sources! ‡ Death Certificate: Ohio Death Certificate Index 1913-1937. digital image. Ancestry. Brookline. census. population schedule. Census Record: 1920 U. National Archives microfilm publication T625. Death certificate entry for Eveline Powell downloaded 12 March Enumeration District [ED] 174. family 172. sheet 8.

htm (accessed 01 June 2008) . online About. Kimberly Powell.Starting to Search 10 Steps for Finding Your Family Tree Online: A Blueprint for Genealogy Research on the internet.

com National Obituary Archive ( .Obituaries Use with Library Card: America¶s Obituaries & Death Notices Online Searching: Legacy.

Obituaries .

Obituaries National Obituary Archive ( .

Death Indexes Use in the library: Ancestry Library Edition Online Searching: Rootsweb Family Search .

Death Indexes Family Search Vs. Ancestry Library Edition .

Cemeteries Rootsweb .

Census Our databases: HeritageQuest Ancestry Library Edition .

.Census Digitized images are from each decennial (ten year) census from 1790-1930.

etc.) To learn who was considered head of household in each census year see HeritageQuest Online Help Files .Census Search Tips HeritageQuest: Head of household search only Exceptions include: People with different surnames All people living in institutions (schools prisons.

Any use of the asterisk requires at least the first three letters of a name (you cannot search for "Ad*". "Sm?th" equals both "Smith" and Smyth").g. A single character is represented by question mark "?" (e. but could use "Ada*"). johns". johnsen. johnathon. a search for "john*" might return "john..g.). ‡ ‡ . johnson.Census Search Tips Ancestry: ‡ An asterisk "*" represents zero to six characters (e.. etc.

a total of 6.160 names could be extracted from the surviving schedules. 979.766 persons enumerated in 1890. The surviving fragments came from the following states: Alabama District of Columbia Georgia Illinois Minnesota New Jersey New York North Carolina Ohio South Dakota Texas .Census Search Tips 1890 Census: Over 99% of the 1890 population schedules were destroyed in a fire Of 62.

Go on Location USGenWeb WorldGenWeb .

Researching Texas ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ TX GenWeb Texas Census Finding Aid State Gen Sites-Texas Tarrant County .

Visit the Library Use Interlibrary Loan .

Message Boards Ancestry Rootsweb Mailing Lists Yahoo Groups Google Groups .

Family Tree Search Rootsweb Family Search .

Specialized Info Our databases: Handbook of Texas Texas Digital Sanborn Maps .

Subscription Sites Ancestry Personal Edition Footnote .

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