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Axis Bank (Formerly known as UTI) was one of the few private banks to have began operations in 1994  The Bank was promoted jointly by the Administrator of the specified undertaking of the Unit Trust of India (UTI)
‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC). General Insurance Corporation Ltd (GIC). National Insurance Company Ltd. The New India Assurance Company. The Oriental Insurance Corporation. United Insurance Company Ltd.

‡ Incorporated as UTI Bank, headquartered in Mumbai ‡ Registered office at Ahmedabad ‡ Mumbai, Jul 30 2007 : UTI Bank rechristened itself as Axis Bank. ‡ The Bank has a network of more than 896 branches and Extension Counters ‡ One of the largest ATM networks in the country with over 4055 ATMs

‡ The banks business is divided into four segments: ‡ Retail. and depository services amongst others. ‡ it is also registered on the following exchanges: ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ OTCEI BSE NSE London stock exchange . ‡ Apart from this the bank is also into insurance. treasury and merchant banking. mortgage financing. credit cards. investment banking. corporate.

Services Retail banking ‡ Deposits schemes ‡ Loans and advances ± ± ± ± ± Personal loans Housing loans Cards Consumer durables Auto loans .

Gold card. Silver & silver plus cards.Personal banking ‡ Accounts ± Term deposit ± Fixed deposit ± Recurring deposit ‡ Cards ± Different variant like: Gold plus card. .

Corporate banking ‡ Accounts ± Normal Current Account ± Trust/NGO Savings Account ‡ Services ± ± ± ± Private Equity. Mergers & Acquisitions Advisory Services Capital Market Funding E-Broking .

Features Of Axis Bank ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ ‡ Anywhere Banking Instant Fund Transfer Internet Banking At-Par (Multicity) Chequebook ATM cum Debit Card Mobile Banking Phone Banking .

‡ Provides ability to structure derivative products in real time and give a single view of the entire transaction to the customer ‡ The bank hopes to leverage the ability to rationalize its currently dispersed functions to provide a single view of every transaction to customers.Summit FT with the help of global financial applications provider Misys.INFORMATION SYSTEM ‡ Implemented a new derivatives system-. .

. ‡ RBI favors transparent online systems that can track every transaction and report it exactly as it is.CONTD . ‡ Apart from creating a new derivatives product. . ‡ An automated system removes this anomaly and improve compliance to a great extent. it also helps from a regulatory compliance standpoint.

. after ICICI Bank. ‡ Implemented a solution that helps Axis Bank create personalized product packages and manage fee billing for payment and cash management. ‡ Axis Bank is SunTec s second banking services client in India.SUNTEC S TOOL FOR AXIS BANK ‡ AXIS Bank Chose SunTec Business Solutions software to centralize and streamline the bank s pricing and billing processes. while having a unified view of its customers.

and the software offers good portfolio management features. ‡ It enables clients to manage derivative trades in a further controlled way from the front to back office. ‡ The system is user friendly. with verifying and online risk monitoring mechanism.SOFTWARE RESOURCES RisKompass: ‡ Pyxis systems has provided AXIS bank its RisKompass as the software solution for financial derivatives risk management. ‡ Automated system that can be accessed by anyone on the different locations of the bank. ‡ Smoother deal processing. .

. ‡ NEFT. A Subsidiary Of The Bse-listed Financial Technologies (India) Ltd (FTIL). Which Runs The Multi Commodity Exchange Of India Has Innovated A Technology. ‡ Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS).OTHER SOFTWARES ‡ Atom Technologies. Which Enables Mobile Payments. ‡ Electronic Clearing Service (ECS Credit) .

. ‡ Visualizes you how to become more competitive and help you to make the changes to your online payment processing for risk free business. ‡ EBS "Payment Gateway" is specifically designed to accommodate the increasing demand by e-commerce companies for sophisticated payment solutions to tap the enormous opportunities for global Internet transactions.ORGANISATION TRANSACTION PROCESSING SYSTEM: EBS (E-Billing Solutions): ‡ It is the Merchant Account providing company partnered with Axis Bank.


. ‡ Comprehensive MIS . ‡ Centralized Service Desk.TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCEMENTS ‡ Extensive Network . ‡ Mobile Alert Service.

Information Technology: ‡ Played a vital role in growth of organization ‡ To retain a competitive edge. the Bank's technology infrastructure is continuously upgraded ‡ Use of technologyfirst among Indian banks in submitting centralised Return for foreign exchange transactions first bank in the India to market EMV chip embedded Debit Platinum. Travel Currency and Credit Platinum cards .

New Initiatives .

Remit2India. which is preloaded with the funds remitted to him in INR. ‡ Based on the remitter s request. a personalised Remittance Card is prepared for the ‡ Available as a delivery mode for remittances made through the Web Portal www.Remittance Card: ‡ A unique product that has changed the way money is sent across borders. .

VISA Money Transfer Service: ‡ To send money from an AXIS Bank account to any of the VISA Cards issued in India ‡ To pay VISA credit card bills by giving the card number and making a direct payment ‡ The sender s account would be debited instantaneously with the transferred amount. ‡ The service has been enabled through all Axis bank s ATMs and i-Connect (Internet Banking) . but the funds will reach the beneficiary s VISA Card within one or two days.

thereby providing the highest level of security to the cardholder against possible misuse. . ruling out counterfeiting and skimming. ‡ The chip cannot be duplicated. ‡ Offers clear authentication of debit and credit payments combined with easy fraud detection.EMV standard based Platinum Credit Card: ‡ Card has an embedded chip. This makes your card safer and secure than any other card in India. which stores cardholder s information in an encrypted format.

How does it work:Step 1: ‡ The merchant inserts the chip card into his EDC terminal in the chip reader slot. . The card need not be swiped. ‡ The card remains inserted in the terminal throughout the transaction .

‡ Once the purchase is approved a receipt will be printed. .Step 2: ‡ The purchase amount is entered in the terminal.

Step 3: ‡ The Cardholder signs the receipt and removes his/her card from the terminal. .

Alternate Channels: ‡ ATM Channel ‡ Internet Banking Channel ‡ Mobile Banking Channel .

g.: BSNL. . MTNL ± Life Insurance Corporation Premium Payment ± Purchase and redemption of UTI Mutual Fund Schemes through the ATM.ATM Channel ‡ All its ATMs are connected to Base24 ATM switch ‡ The Bank through its ATMs offers the following services: ± Banking Services ± Mobile Airtime Refill ± Bill Payment e.

Shared resource: ‡ Bilateral ATM sharing arrangement: ± State Bank of India ± ABN Amro Bank ± Bank of Rajasthan ± Karur Vysya Bank ± Andhra Bank ‡ Multilateral ATM sharing arrangement: ± Cashnet (A shared network run by Euronet India Pvt. Now run by E Funds Ltd.) ± BANCS (Formerly known as Swadhan. Ltd.) .

Internet Banking Channel: ‡ Axis bank provides a number of value-added services on the Internet banking platform ‡ Services: a) Funds Transfers ‡ To the customers own Axis Bank account ‡ To any Axis bank account ‡ To any account in any other bank in India (Power Transfer) .

No bill presentment happens .b) Bill Payment ‡ Presentment or EBPP (Electronic Bill Presentment & Payment): ± Bill presentment happens ± The biller will send an electronic version of the bill for acceptance and payment ‡ Direct Payment: .The customer is free to select the biller and pay accordingly to his convenience. . c) Shopping etc.

Last three Transactions .Know the status of your cheque . 5.000 ‡ You can also request for the following information: .Request security balance in demat account .Mobile Banking Channel: ‡ Debit or credit in your account: Receive alerts on your mobile phone every time there is a debit or credit in your Axis Bank account for more than Rs.Balance .

‡ Decisions can be made more quickly and with confidence that the data are both time-relevant and accurate. time savings.Benefits of MIS ‡ Significant cost benefits. . ‡ Integrated information can be also kept in categories that are meaningful to profitable operation. ‡ Data can easily be accessed and analyzed without time consuming manipulation and processing. productivity gains and process reengineering opportunities are associated with the use of data warehouse for information processing.

.Conclusion !!!! ‡ AXIS bank has differentiated itself very well on the basis of high level service and product quality. ‡ They have successfully implemented the change and due to this their market share has increased only despite of tough competition prevails.

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