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Made by: Bogaci Rodion

The Bald Eagle

It was chosen because of its long
life, great strength
At that time Americans thought this
bird existed only on the American
This bird symbolises independence
and freedom
It is on the seal of the President of
the United States of America.
Was declared and endangered
species, but is now making a
American Flag
It is called Stars and Stripes

The current 50-star flag is the 27th

edition of the flag and the one
that has been in use the longest,
since 1960.

In 1818, Congress passed a law

stating that a new star be
added for each new state; the
13 stripes would remain constant
to represent the 13 colonies.
The Statue of Liberty
The Statue of Liberty was a gift to the United States from the people of France.
Dedicated in 1886, the statue shows Libertas, the Roman goddess of freedom.
It was a symbol of a great hundred-year international friendship between America and
France during the American revolutionary war.
Located in New York Harbor, the statue holds a torch in one hand and a tablet
representing the law in the other.
The date of the Declaration of Independence is inscribed on the tablet.
The statue is an iconic symbol of freedom. Protestors around the world have used the
image of the statue in their struggles for political freedom.
The statue is made of copper and is now green in color because of oxidation (a chemical reaction
between metal and water)

Symbolizing the ideals of

freedom and democracy, it is a
tribute to four presidents: George
Washington, Thomas Jefferson,
Theodore Roosevelt and
Abraham Lincoln and their
invaluable contributions to the
United States.
Its in South Dakota
It represents the first 150 years of
the history of the USA
Its 18 metres high

Uncle Sam whose image appeared

during the War of 1812, is a symbol
of the U.S. government.
He is portrayed as an older,
bearded man dressed in clothes
that evoke the U.S. flag. Uncle
Sam is commonly used in political
cartoons, as well as in advertising.
Perhaps the best-known image of
Uncle Sam was as a recruiting tool
for the U.S. Army during World War I.

The Washington Monument is an

obelisk on the National Mall in
Washington, D.C., built to
commemorate George
Washington, once commander-in-
chief of the Continental Army and
the first American president. The
monument, made of marble,
granite, and bluestone gneiss, It is
the tallest monumental column in
the world
The monument was damaged
during the 2011 Virginia
earthquake and Hurricane Irene in
the same year and remained
closed to the public while the
structure was assessed and repaire