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Qualtrics: Design your survey

Daren Mansfield
Associate Lecturer /
Academic Subject Librarian
Why this lecture?

Surveys are the most popular research tool for

undergraduates, particularly anyone undertaking
a dissertation or group work
This lecture will cover...
Accessing Qualtrics
Researching potential questions
Designing your survey
Posting your survey
Evaluating your results & support
Qualtrics access
Lincoln International Business School now has a
Qualtrics licence for all staff and students to
create an account: PLEASE LOG ON TO WI-FI
If you have any queries regarding accessing Qualtrics
please contact:
Self-Enrolling to Qualtrics
Insert your Email Address and a Password. This has
to be an official University of Lincoln Email
Address. Your password can be whatever you
Insert your First Name, Last Name, and Phone
Number, if desired.
Insert your code when an Access Code is
Business Access Code: BUSDIVISION
Survey approval
Once completed, you (as a student) need to
submit your survey for approval by your supervisor
Staff receive a Qualtrics email, which will state
you have requested approval for your survey
Staff then preview your survey. At this point, a
supervisor can approve or deny your survey
(with comments)
You cannot revise survey questions after
Survey design: Choosing questions
What do you want to find out?
What are you interested in?
Not sure? Look at the Mintel database for ideas
( > Find > Databases > M > Mintel)
What ideas do you have for a survey?
Reports on the Mintel database include:
Health and Fitness Clubs, UK, May 2017
Convenience Stores - UK - April 2017
Digital Trends Summer, July 2017
Wearable Technology - UK - December 2016
Orinfographic reports on such topics as the
Importance of Brand in Technology Purchasing
Designing a survey on Meat-free
I chose Meat-free foods- UK May 2017
Survey rationale (Mintel, 2017)
Meat-free foods is seen as a healthy, protein alternative
Meat-free market is recovering from a slump in sales from
2012-15, with an average of 2% growth since then (against the
trend of the overall food market, equating to 559m over 16-
17 period
Volume sales of the meat-free market is forecast to grow by
9% over the next 5 years, with value sales to 658m (18%
increase over 16-21)
Quorn is the leading brand in the frozen aisle with volume and
value sales up 18% and 14% year on year
28% of adults have reduced the amount of meat theyre eating
over six months to March 2017
Demographic (from Mintel databook)

Women (25-34s) in London in the A socio-economic group

are most likely to reduce meat consumption.
Under 25s are twice as likely to be non-meat eaters, with
females rising to 25% being non-meat eaters.
Create your survey
Choose your type of question
(I chose multiple choice, matrix table & scale
Look & Feel feature (design)
Change question type (on right)
Preview question
Editing rules

When editing remember to lock your survey

Changing your questions midway through an

active survey skews your results
Creating distribution list (under
OR compose email with anonymous link
Post survey

Sent from Qualtrics email server

Select time when survey is sent (U.S. east coast)
survey results

Report icon (can choose different graphs and
Includes percentages of survey respondents
Can print & export to pdf or Word or PP
You are able to email to participants as well.
Graphic results (under Report tab)
Mintel comment & survey potential
A survey (s) is able to elicit a lot of information from a
few choice questions
Meat-free brands should be more vocal about exactly
why they are a good choice in terms of animal ethics
and the environment, as well as emphasising their
nutritional credentials. These messages can make
consumers feel holistically virtuous in their choice,
helping to build a feel-good factor.

Emma Clifford, Senior Food and Drink Analyst


How to: A Guide to Using Qualtrics Research Suite

When you download the data you can do much
more advanced statistical analyses using an
outside program such as Excel or SPSS (Maths &
Stats support @ Lincoln based in the Library)
what I learned -

test a pilot survey then compose the real one (you

can re-launch the survey)
do not edit once the survey is 'out there'
survey questions are not an end in themselves -
they only lead to more questions
do not plagiarise

Clifford, E. (2017). Meat-free foods UK, May 2016.

Mintel report.
Mintel (2017). Executive Summary. Meat-Free
Foods. UK, May.